Welcome to the Fandomical Promoters Guide! Our goal is to provide a clear and structured overview of our Promoters Program, starting with the basics and covering all key aspects.

What is the Fandomical Promoters Program?

The Fandomical Promoters Program is designed for influencers, content creators, fan pages, communities, and websites—essentially anyone capable of directing relevant traffic to the Fandomical website. Since our focus is on fandom-related content, the traffic you bring should have an interest in such topics.

How it Works

When you direct traffic to our site, we earn ad revenue. A portion of this revenue, generated from our advertisers, is shared with you. Here’s how you can join us:

Basic Steps to Get Started

  1. Register: Sign up your website, fan page, or channel with us.
  2. Dashboard Access: We’ll provide you with a dashboard to view your earnings, statistics, and tracking code.
  3. Share Content: Post links to quizzes or articles from our website, adding your unique tracking code at the end of each link. This code is essential for us to track your earnings. For example, to share a quiz, append your tracking code like so: https://fandomical.com/quiz/the-big-bang-theory-dialogue-quiz-is-here/?ref1=YourCodeHere.
  4. Earn: Continue sharing content relevant to your audience to drive traffic to our site. The more traffic you generate, the more you earn. Payments are made in the first week of each following month through PayPal, UPI, or gift vouchers.

Registration Requirements

  • You should have a minimum of 20,000 followers or an equivalent audience on your platform.
  • Complete and submit the registration form provided. [Form]
  • Notify us of your application by emailing [[email protected]] or messaging us on Instagram [@myfandomical]. We’ll then grant you access to your dashboard to start sharing links.

Need Help?

For any questions or further assistance, please email us at [[email protected]] or send a message to our Instagram [@myfandomical].