Are You A True One Directioner?

One Direction

One Direction, often known as 1D, was one of the most prominent pop bands of the previous decade years. Zayn, Harry, Louis, and Liam were common household names. But, like with all good things, all good things must come to an end, and all five original members have pursued solo careers since 2015!

It’s been just over five years since One Direction disbanded, and just over 6 years since Zayn left to pursue a solo career. We still jam to What Makes You Beautiful like in our school days. And we’re sure you do too! But, how much do you remember about the band?

It’s time to put your One Direction knowledge to the test. Are you still as big a fan as you were ten years ago?

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    What was the title of One Direction’s debut single?

    • Up All Night
    • Budapest
    • What Makes You Beautiful
    • Steal My Girl
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    Which band member used to dye their hair?

    • Niall
    • Zayn
    • Liam
    • Harry Styles
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    Before One Direction became their name, what did Liam suggest calling the band?

    • 5ive
    • One Shot
    • Unique Selling Point
    • The Band
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    How many One Direction songs has Ed Sheeran co-written?

    • 9
    • 5
    • 2
    • None
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    What place did One Direction finish on the X Factor?

    • Third
    • They Won
    • Sixth
    • Second
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    What middle name do two members of One Direction share?

    • William
    • Edward
    • Payne
    • James
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    What is the first line to “Nobody Compares?”

    • Cause baby that’s what makes you beautiful
    • I’ve been chasin’ the clouds
    • You are so pretty when you cry
    • Lonely nights dreamin’ of you
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    Finish the missing lyric: “I can’t be no superman. But for you I’d be ________.”

    • Your Boyfriend
    • Superman
    • Anything
    • Everything
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    Which member of One Direction (in 2013) got engaged to marry Perrie Edwards?

    • Zayn
    • Liam
    • Harry Styles
    • Louis
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    Which song did all of One Direction not help write?

    • Little Things
    • Night Changes
    • Kiss You
    • 18