Are You All About The Gellers? Prove It Then!


Jack and Judy Geller were our favorite parents on the show. Though they put too important pressure on them at times, it was clear that they love their kids and wanted what was good for them.

Monica Geller is an aspiring cook in the beginning and a successful one towards the end. She had a very tough beginning to her cooking career.  But, eventually manage to make the best out of it for herself. She was bullied for being fat when she was young. Monica loves to play by rules. She is energetic and loves to clean stuff and organizing them as they were.

Ross Geller, Monica’s elder brother, a Paleontologist endures the most marriages and divorce out of the whole group. When the show starts, Ross is in dismay when his partner tells him that she’s a lesbian. She tells him that she has a partner she’s had her eyes on for a long while.

As chaotic as they are, we love them. Take this quiz to prove you know this family the best!

  • Question of

    What is name of Judy’s mom?

    • Gertrade
    • Althea
    • Gina
    • Dagmar
  • Question of

    What does Jack invite Chandler to do with him and Ross?

    • Play Golf
    • Go Shopping
    • Play Racquetball
    • None of the above
  • Question of

    What is one of the things Jack & Judy thank Chandler for?

    • Keeping Monica happy
    • Standing by Ross during his drug problems
    • Living with Monica together
    • Being a lovely friend to Ross
  • Question of

    What do the Gellers call Richard’s mystery girlfriend in the city?

    • Floosie
    • Twinkie
    • Toosie
    • Tart
  • Question of

    What did Ross do as a child to get Judy to bring him to the parlor?

    • He used to start crying
    • Cut his hair off
    • Hurt himself
    • Pretending he was a girl
  • Question of

    What strange ingredient did Rachel put in the Trifle she fed to the Gellers?

    • Fish
    • Bananas
    • Beef
    • Noodles
  • Question of

    What did Jack Geller sell over the Internet?

    • Fruits
    • Hugs
    • Magazines
    • Ice
  • Question of

    What does Judy tell Emma on her “18th Birthday” recording?

    • Heart diseases kil women too
    • Eat a lot
    • Don’t marry ever
    • Avoid having children
  • Question of

    “Just tell Monica, that her ears are ______________”

    • Too large
    • Not her best quality
    • Elephant like
    • Ugly
  • Question of

    What was Ross doing when Jack asked him why wasn’t he playing outside like a real boy?

    • Putting on makeup
    • Playing with his Dinosaurs
    • Reading to his dolls
    • Playing dress up