Are You Really A True Potterhead- Take It And Prove It!

Are You Really A True Potterhead

Harry, Hermione and Ron have inspired us through their friendship. We all are following The Harry Potter series since our childhood. . Hermione’s intellect, Harry’s bravery and Ron’s loyalty together make a perfect golden trio. Similarly, the valiant Neville, the strong-headed Ginny and the selfless Luna Lovegood form the lesser known ‘silver trio’. The golden and silver trio have always been there for each other. Throughout the series, they have all proved that they are not just friends but family.

Just to check your knowledge of Harry Potter, here we bring before a tough trivia, that only die hards can pass. If you can really pass this trivia, then you’re really into it and following since childhood.

Hope you like it.

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    In the movie,Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone, What is Hermione’s first line?

    • “Oh, are you doing magic? Let’s see, then.”
    • “Has anyone seen a toad? A boy named Neville has lost one.”
    • “Are you sure that’s a real spell? Well, it’s not very good, is it?”
    • “Holy cricket, you’re Harry Potter. I’m Hermione Granger…and you are?”
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    How long does it take for Hermione to brew the Polyjuice Potion in the movie, The Chamber of Secrets?

    • A week
    • 12 days
    • A month
    • A month and a half
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    Which is not a password to get into Dumbledore’s Office?

    • “Sherbert Lemon”
    • “Fizzing Whizzbee”
    • “Cockroach Cluster”
    • “Liquorice Wand”
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    Of which Hogwarts house is Terry Boot a member?

    • Hufflepuff
    • Slytherin
    • Gryffindor
    • Ravenclaw
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    Which team from the Ministry of Magic is responsible for modifying the memories of Muggles who have been exposed to magic?

    • Obliviators
    • Aurors
    • Unspeakables
    • The Wizengamot
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    What year was Ollivanders founded?

    • 465 BC
    • 712 BC
    • 57 BC
    • 382 BC
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    Who says this: “I wouldn’t touch a filthy little blood traitor like her whatever she looked like”

    • Marcus Flint
    • No
    • Barty Crouch Jr.
    • Blaise Zabini
    • Lucius Malfoy
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    In The Half Blood Prince, what jinx does Hermione use to send the birds toward Ron after he appears with Lavender Brown?

    • Orbis
    • Ventus
    • Melofors
    • Oppugno
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    The door to the Prefects’ bathroom is to the left of a statue of whom?

    • Gregory The Smarmy
    • Boris The Bewildered
    • Wilfred The Wistful
    • Lachlan The Lanky