Attempt This Quiz by the Time Hope’s Humanity Turns Back On!

Hope Mikaelson

Legacies is a supernatural teen drama that is a sequel to The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. The plot revolves around the Tribrid Hope Mikaelson. Legacies is about how Hope deals with a world full of monsters trying to protect the people she loves.

Hope Mikaelson lives with her friends at The Salvatore School, a school for supernatural kids. Hope faces a tough time trying not to activate her vampire side but destiny had different plans for her. While she had no other choice but to transform into a complete Tribrid she also had to kill her boyfriend Landon. A monster had hijacked his body and therefore she had no other choice left but to kill him.

Although Hope does what was necessary, she’s devasted after losing Landon and thus turns off her humanity. Now when Hope has gone all evil and her friends try their best to turn her humanity switch back on, here’s a quiz for you to attempt in the meanwhile. Let’s see how big of a fan are you of Legacies!

  • Question of

    Which was the first ever monster to make an appearance in the show?

    • Gargoyle
    • Human Dragon
    • Necromancer
    • Malivore
  • Question of

    Who in the show is Landon’s brother?

    • Rafael
    • MG
    • Kaleb
    • Ryan Clarke
  • Question of

    Apart from being a Vampire which other supernatural power does Kaleb has?

    • Invisibility
    • Wolf
    • Flying
    • Breathing Fire
  • Question of

    What had Josie disguised herself into to hide herself from her evil side ?

    • A rabbit
    • A nightingale
    • A pig
    • A raccoon
  • Question of

    What is the only thing that can kill a Tribrid?

    • Stake from the cherry blossom tree planted by Lizzie, Josie and Hope
    • White oak stake
    • Silver dagger
    • Red Oak stake
  • Question of

    Who’s the Muse in The Legacies?

    • Ethan
    • Sebastian
    • Cleo
    • Penelope
  • Question of

    Which supernatural creature was Landon?

    • Hell Hound
    • Vampire
    • Dragon
    • Phoenix
  • Question of

    Where did Ted work before becoming the Necromancer?

    • Garage
    • Ice Cream parlour
    • Restaurant
    • Magic Show
  • Question of

    Who was lethal to Malivore?

    • The Tribrid, Hope
    • Landon
    • Demi God
    • God
  • Question of

    Whose presence made the monsters loose control from themselves?

    • Malivore
    • God
    • Malivore
    • Ben- the Demi God