Can you Ace this “Caroline Forbes” Quiz?

The Vampire Diaries

“I’m a terrible, awful person but I’m working on it.”

If you know who said this line, you are a true TVD fan. The Vampire Diaries may have ended but the memories are forever. Eight seasons and 171 episodes later, people still love Caroline Forbes. Caroline was one of the kind hearted and affectionate characters. Although she did go through a full character transformation, not gonna lie. She transformed from an insecure girl to a confident and positive woman. She does everything in her power to protect her loved ones. As Klaus said, she is “so much more than a pretty face”.

Did you know?

1.Alongside Klaus, Caroline is the most important person in The Vampire Diaries universe.

2.Caroline’s last name was originally “Truitt” not Forbes.

3.She doesn’t have a favorite color.

Take This Quiz And Find Out How Well Do You Know Caroline Forbes?

  • Question of

    What sport did Rebekah and Caroline participate in together?

    • Football
    • Cheerleading
    • Volleyball
    • Chess
  • Question of

    Caroline’s birthday is on which day?

    • October 10
    • October 15
    • April 27
    • October 20
  • Question of

    In which episode did she turns into a vampire?

    • Bad moon Rising
    • Undead
    • Brave New World
    • The Return
  • Question of

    Who is Caroline’s mom?

    • Lilly
    • Miranda
    • Isobell
    • Elizabeth
  • Question of

    Which Of Klaus’s Paintings Did Caroline Like The Most?

    • A snowflake
    • Her Potrait
    • A Rainy City with the Moon
    • Girl With a Pearl Earring
  • Question of

    What took Caroline’s mother away from her?

    • A heart attack
    • Vampires
    • Cancer
    • Werewolves
  • Question of

    Who said to Caroline – “I Promise You I Will Not Let Anything Happen To You.”?

    • Alaric
    • Stefan
    • Klaus
    • Damon
  • Question of

    What Did Valerie Give Caroline?

    • Elena’s Blood
    • Daylight Ring
    • Vervain Skin
    • Talisman Bracelet
  • Question of

    What Was Caroline’s First Line On The Show?

    • “Elena! Oh my God! How are You”
    • “Elena! What Are You Doing Back?”
    • Elena! Welcome Back! I can’t Believe You’re Here!
    • We’re moving on with our lives!
  • Question of

    What is Caroline’s middle name?

    • Jennifer
    • Elizabeth
    • Wilhelmenia
    • Johnson