Can you guess the episode title by just a glimpse: F.R.I.E.N.D.S. edition

FRIENDS celebrated their silver jubilee last year. So just to pay a tribute to all the team members of the FRIENDS, here’s a trivia related to guess the episode titles. To all the FRIENDS fans out there, I just wanna convey don’t take this quiz so lightly, it’s a really hard one, meant only for die hard fans. So give it a try, hope y’all enjoy it.

  • Question of

    Here’s the first one!

    • “The one with Rachel’s date”
    • “The one with Rachel’s Going away party”
    • “The one where no one proposes”
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    Hope you got the first one right! Here you go with the second one! I bet you can guess it easily

    • “The pilot”
    • “The one with the lottery”
    • “The one with the cake”
  • Question of

    Okay, let me give you a hint, it’s one of the most watched episodes.

    • “The one with the Embryos”
    • “The one with the cake”
    • “The last one”
  • Question of

    i hope you’re doing great!

    • “The One With Joey’s New Brain”
    • “The one where Rachel quits”
    • “The one with Joey’s new girlfriend”
  • Question of


    • “The one with Ross’s inappropriate song”
    • “The one with Ross and Rachel…you know”
    • “The one where Ross finds out”
  • Question of

    Here’s one from season 5

    • “The one with Halloween party”
    • “The one with the invitation”
    • “The one in Vegas”
  • Question of

    Here’s one from season 7

    • “The one with blind dates”
    • “The One with Phoebe’s Birthday Dinner”
    • “The One with the Birthing Video”
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    Hope you got all correct till now, here’s a tough one!

    • “The one with Rachel’s dreams”
    • ” The one with Phoebe’s wedding”
    • “The one with the rumor”
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    An easy one-

    • “The one with Ross’s grant”
    • “The one with Ross’s denial”
    • “The one with the Unagi”
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    And the last, but not the least! Hope you enjoyed it!

    • “The one where Rachel has a baby”
    • “The one with fertility test”
    • “The One with Rachel’s Phone Number”

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