Crash Landing on You with this Trivia Quiz

Crash Landing on You

The story kickstarts with a successful and beautiful South Korean businesswoman. She runs a company named “Se-ri Choice”. One day she decides to try a product- paragliding equipment. She gets caught in an unexpected tornado. She winds up and lands accidentally in North Korea. Desperate to go home, Se-ri meets Captain Ri and four other officers in a stationed village. Captain Ri takes her to his house and protects her from Cho- Cheol Gang. Captain Ri puts his all efforts to escort Se-ri from North Korea. A lot of action, emotions, and mutual feelings take place before the story comes to a conclusion. They find their new paths of life together and the story ends in Switzerland happily.

  • Question of

    What is the name of Se-Ri’s Company?

    • Se-Ri’s Fashion
    • Se-Ri’s Beauty
    • Se-Ri’s Choice
    • Se-Ri’s Estate
  • Question of

    What is the first “urgent” reason Se-Ri calls Captain Ri while he is at work?

    • She asked for Scented Candles
    • She needed a Body Wash
    • She asked for something to eat
    • She wanted a pair of clothes
  • Question of

    Why does Captain Ri wanted Se-Ri to tie her hair up?

    • She looked pretty
    • Her hair looked greasy and tangled
    • She could get arrested for such hairstyle
    • It is a sign of wealth and class for a woman
  • Question of

    Name the villain who went to South Korea to kill Jeyong Hyuk?

    • Hwang Young Boom
    • Jung Man Tok
    • Cho Cheol Gang
    • Hong Chang Silk
  • Question of

    Why did Se-Ri went out for Paraglyding?

    • She thought that it was a beautiful day
    • She wanted to spend some time alone
    • She found that the sky is clear for flight
    • She wanted to test her latest line of extreme spotswear
  • Question of

    What strategy was used by Director Ri to help in escorting Se-Ri?

    • He prepared a Special Escort Team
    • He tried to take help from his old friends
    • He organized a fake Border Patrol search for an alleged deserter.
    • He arranged a special boat to escort Se-Ri
  • Question of

    Why did the first attempt to rescue Se-Ri failed?

    • They were majorly Injured
    • They were spotted by the Coast Guard
    • They lost thei way
    • None of the above
  • Question of

    Before joining North Korean Army, Captain Ri was a ____________?

    • Musician
    • Doctor
    • Pianist
    • Traveler
  • Question of

    What was Captain Ri’s brother name?

    • Ri Seok Jin
    • Ri Moo Hyuk
    • Ri Choong Reyoul
    • Ri Yoon Hee
  • Question of

    “She might sound cold wind in the winter, but her heart is warm like a spring breeze”. Who’s famous lines are these?

    • Seu Dan
    • Seung Joon
    • Yoon Se-Ri
    • Jo Cheol- Kang

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