FRIENDS: The Ultimate Gunther Quiz

James Tyler

Guess whose job’s not a joke and who’s not broke either? If you have the quirky blonde man behind the counter in mind, you’re bang on. FRIENDS boasted a whole bunch of secondary characters who we can never forget, but none more than the Central Perk Manager Gunther.

(We miss you James Tyler.)

Though Gunther never had more than a few lines, it was his dry delivery that made him so memorable. Whether it be his unrequited love for Rachel or his enduring hatred for Ross, Gunther always made us laugh. Though we don’t see a ton of character development, he adds a lot to the show.

Gunther may not be the star of the show, nonetheless, he was an irreplaceable supporting character. Can you even call yourself a FRIENDS fan if you don’t know everything about the resident barista of Central Perk?

We’ve gone ahead and compiled questions that only a die-hard FRIENDS fan would know the answers to. Let’s hope you’ve been paying attention. All the best!

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    Who kissed Gunther?

    • Monica
    • Rachel
    • Emily
    • Phoebe
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    What language is Gunther fluent in?

    • Japanese
    • Dutch
    • French
    • German
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    What is the name of the actor who played Gunther?

    • Elliot Gould
    • James Michael Tyler
    • Tom Selleck
    • Jon Favreau
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    Who did Gunther hire to work at Central Perk?

    • Phoebe and Joey
    • Monica and Chandler
    • Rachel and Monica
    • Rachel and Joey
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    What TV soap did Gunther appear in?

    • Days of Our Lives
    • General Hospital
    • All My Children
    • One Life to Love
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    Who calls Gunther a sexy blonde?

    • Judy Geller
    • Ursula Buffay
    • Nora Bing
    • Sandra Green
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    Who thinks Gunther is gay?

    • Monica
    • Rachel
    • Joey
    • Ross
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    What did Gunther call Ross in a foreign language?

    • Monkey
    • Donkey
    • Mouse
    • Dog
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    How much did Gunther buy Rachel’s cat for?

    • $500
    • $1000
    • $1500
    • $2000
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    Who was Gunther’s roommate?

    • Daisy
    • Amber
    • Heather
    • Jasmine