Harry Potter Minor Details – Are You a True Potterhead?

Harry Potter Minor Details

The Harry Potter series has always been a huge part of everyone’s childhood in this generation, the world of magic and mystery enchanting every single person who has dared to enter it. But there’s so much more to it than just the story and just the movie, so, have you been keeping a keen eye on the minor yet crucial details littered throughout the series? Let’s find out!

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    Whose blood has stained the Bloody Baron?

    • Nearly Headless Nick
    • Helena Ravenclaw
    • Helga Hufflepuff
    • Rowena Ravenclaw
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    Who is the ghost of the Hufflepuff House?

    • Fat Friar
    • Grey Lady
    • Peeves
    • Moaning Myrtle
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    Which dragon did Fleur Delacour fight in the Triwizard Tournament?

    • Chinese Fireball
    • Norwegian Ridgeback
    • Welsh Green
    • Hungarian Horntail
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    Who was appointed to teach Divination at Hogwarts after Umbridge removed Professor Trelawney from her office?

    • Griphook
    • Firenze
    • Fawkes
    • Frank
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    Who is the house-elf of the Crouch family?

    • Hokey
    • Dobby
    • Kreacher
    • Winky
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    Which of these is not Hagrid’s pet?

    • Fluffy
    • Pigwidgeon
    • Fang
    • Norbert
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    What is Ginny’s patronus?

    • Horse
    • Wolf
    • Lion
    • Panther
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    Complete this line Ginny wrote for Harry : “His eyes are as green as fresh pickled ______”

    • Grass
    • Moss
    • Toad
    • Stone
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    Sybil Trelawney is the descendant of which great seer whose namesake was also an infamous seer in ancient Greece?

    • Clymnestra Trelawney
    • Cassandra Trelawney
    • Helen Trelawney
    • Priam Trelawney
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    Who invented the Sleekeazy’s Hair Potion that Hermione uses to tame her hair for the Yule Ball?

    • Fleamont Potter
    • Horace Slughorn
    • Zygmunt Budge
    • Nicholas Flamel