How Well Are You Hanging Along Spiderman?

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    What is the name of Flint Marko’s accomplice who had fell to his death in Spider-Man?

    • Dennis Carradine
    • Jules Smith
    • Rogelio Ramos
    • None of the above
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    In Spider-Man: No Way Home, which university’s hoodie is Dr. Strange wearing under his cape?

    • Columbia
    • Stanford
    • Cornell
    • Harvard
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    Name the movie that Peter watches on his flight to Italy?

    • Hunting Hydra
    • The Shield In Snow
    • Heart of Iron
    • Waking Up In Wakanda
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    What gift does Harry Osborn say he got from his father when he turned 16?

    • Sports Car
    • Scotch
    • Cuban Cigars
    • Private Jet
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    Name the hotel where Peter and his schoolmates stay in Venice?

    • Hotel Medici
    • Venetian Love
    • Hotel De Matteis
    • Marco Polo
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    How much money was Peter supposed to win for defeating Bone Shaw in the cage match?

    • $3000
    • $4000
    • $2000
    • $1000
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    In Spider-Man, the Board Members of Oscorp were going to sell Oscorp to which Company?

    • Quest Aerospace
    • Stark Industries
    • Astra Defense
    • General Aerospace
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    In Spider-Man 2, Peter Parker works for which Pizza Store?

    • Moe’s Pizza
    • Joe’s Pizza
    • Roe’s Pizza
    • Luigi’s Pizza
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    Name the restaurant where Peter was going to propose Mary Jane?

    • Sea Breeze
    • Amour Noir
    • Clair De Ruine
    • Constellation
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    What is the name of Flint Marko’s daughter?

    • Jenny
    • Minnie
    • Penny
    • Annie

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