How well do you know Damon Salvatore?

The Vampire Diaries

Damon Salvatore is a vampire protagonist in the book series and television series The Vampire Diaries, which premiered on the CW network in 2009. He is brilliantly portrayed by Ian Somerhalder.

Damon Salvatore is first introduced as an impetuous villain with a sexual squint who kills on the spur of the moment. Many people despise this insane, disgusting, vicious, and selfish vampire that appeared out of nowhere in Elena Gilbert’s life.

With time, the persona grew more human and stopped murdering innocent people on a regular basis. Damon’s character grew stronger, and he even became friendly with several of the locals.

But what is it about Damon Salvatore that makes him so appealing? A deceitful youthful smile, those piercing blue eyes, or a mind-blowingly attractive body? He has an undoubtedly sharp sense of humour and can be unbelievably charming when he wants to be.

Can you, on the other hand, recall every detail about this narcissistic smile vampire in a pricey black suit? If you are a die-hard Damon Salvatore fan, you will undoubtedly ace this progressively more difficult Damon Salvatore quiz.

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    In what year did Damon become a vampire?

    • 1850
    • 1854
    • 1860
    • 1864
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    Who was Damon’s first love?

    • Valerie Tulle
    • Katherine Pierce
    • Elena Gilbert
    • Caroline Forbes
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    Where did Damon first meet with Enzo?

    • In Mystic Falls
    • In prison
    • During the civil war
    • Boarding house
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    What was the name of Damon’s pet Turkey?

    • Samuel
    • Sam
    • Sammy
    • Timmy
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    In Mystic Falls, who was first turned into a vampire by Damon?

    • Vicki
    • Carol
    • John
    • Isobel
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    What is Damon’s favourite drink?

    • Beer
    • Whiskey
    • Bourbon
    • Champagne
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    What car did Damon own and drive throughout the series?

    • Blue Camaro
    • Black Camry
    • Red Ferrari
    • Black Bentley
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    In what year were Damon and Bonnie trapped in the prison world?

    • 2005
    • 1994
    • 2004
    • 1996
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    What is the name of Damon’s mother?

    • Lily
    • Laura
    • Lillian
    • Lara
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    What is Damon’s favourite clothing brand?

    • Giorgio Armani
    • Massimo Vignelli
    • Ettore Sottsass
    • John Varvatos