How Well Do You Know ‘Hope Mikaelson’? Play The Quiz To Know!

How Well Do You Know 'Hope Mikaelson'? Play The Quiz To Know!

Hope Mikaelson is the main character in the TVD spin-off Legacies. She is the daughter of the original hybrid Klaus Mikaelson and Hayley Marshall. Her father Klaus named her Hope after taking inspiration from his brother Elijah, telling him that Klaus’ child will be the hope of the Mikaelsons’. She is the world’s first vampire-witch-werewolf hybrid.

Hope has always been a fighter. She is quite intelligent and smart. Despite of being such a powerful being, she has an innocent and sweet persona, she is a quite gentle and kind girl.

Now is the play time my friends. Good Luck!

  • Question of

    Hope is a “tribrid” of what three creatures?

    • Witch, malivore, and werewolf
    • Vampire, witch, and siren
    • Witch, vampire, and werewolf
    • Siphoner, vampire, and werewolf
  • Question of

    True or false: Even though Hope isn’t fully vampire, her blood can turn humans into vampires.

    • TRUE
    • FALSE
  • Question of

    Besides their personalities and powers, what is one trait that Hope gets from her father?

    • She loves to dance
    • She loves to sing
    • She loves to read
    • She loves to paint
  • Question of

    Who did Hayley and Klaus give Hope to in order to keep her safe?

    • Freya Mikaelson
    • Davina Claire
    • Rebekah Mikaelson
    • Camile O’Connell
  • Question of

    In which episode does Hope make her first appearance? A tough one, right?

    • The Originals: Season 1, Episode 22
    • Legacies: Season 1, Episode 1
    • The Vampire Diaries: Season 8, Epsiode 84
    • The Originals: Season 4, Episode 1
  • Question of

    Who did Hope kill which caused her to activate her werewolf gene?

    • Davina Claire
    • Landon, a fellow Salvatore School student
    • A human named Bill
    • Her mom’s boyfriend, Declan
  • Question of

    Every family has a legacy, and this is mine. I intend to fight for always and forever, even if it destroys me.

    • The Originals
    • The Vampire Diaries
    • Legacies