How Well Do You Know Rebekah Mikaelson?

Rebekah Michaelson

Rebekah Mikaelson, the most emotional out of all the Mikaelson siblings, is a hopeless romantic. She trusts people easily which often goes against her. Rebekah is also the first Mikaelson sibling who has appeared in all three shows, Vampire Diaries, Originals, and Legacies. She is an Original Vampire and the second daughter of Mikael and Esther. Rebekah remains at her brother Klaus’ side, for a thousand years but eventually leaves to pursue her own life. This original later returns briefly and takes charge of Klaus’ daughter, Hope.

The Vampire Diaries is still arguably one of the classics when it comes to vampire worlds. It was a popular American sitcom, that ran from 2009 to 2017 and was based on the book series of same name by L. J. Smith. Set in the fictional town of Mystic Falls, it primarily focusses on the lives of Elena Gilbert, and the Salvatore brothers. The series showcase a number of supernatural creatures like Vampires, Werewolves, Hybrids, and Witches.

The supernatural drama has bagged Four People’s Choice Awards and several accolades, including many Teen Choice Awards.

Are you a TVD fan? And more importantly are you a Rebekah Mikaelson fan? Think you can get all questions right? Wait no more!

Let’s start!

  • Question of

    Which of the following actress portrays Rebekah in TVD?

    • Claire Holt
    • Anne Holt
    • Masie Richardson
    • Nina Dobrev
  • Question of

    In season two, Rebekah’s spirit was placed in whose body?

    • Celeste Dubois
    • Eva Sinclair
    • Elena Gilbert
    • Damon Salvatore
  • Question of

    What was Rebekah’s profession in 1900s?

    • Engineer
    • Banker
    • Nurse
    • Writer
  • Question of

    What is the name of Rebekah’s half-brother?

    • Henrik Mikaelson
    • Daman Salvatore
    • Niklaus Mikaelson
    • Kol Mikaelson
  • Question of

    At what age does Rebekah become a Vampire?

    • 16
    • 17
    • 18
    • 19
  • Question of

    In which century was Rebekah born?

    • 10th
    • 11th
    • 12th
    • 13th
  • Question of

    Which of the following nickname does Rebekah give to Hope?

    • The Strongest
    • The Demon Spawn
    • Sweet Girl
    • Angel
  • Question of

    What nickname does Damon give to Rebekah?

    • Barbie Reb
    • Barbie Klaus
    • Angel Girl
    • Mean Klaus
  • Question of

    Rebekah is the guardian of:

    • Hope
    • Freya
    • Henrik
    • Kol
  • Question of

    How does Rebekah die?

    • Beheaded
    • Stabbed Through The Heart
    • Suicide
    • Stabbed Through The Skull

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