How Well Do You Know Stiles Stilinski From Teen Wolf?

Teen Wolf

Stiles Stilinski is one of the most prominent and definitely the fan favourite character of Teen Wolf. He is the son of Noah and Claudia Stilinski, and the best friend to Scott McCall. He is sarcastic as well as quick minded but every often impractical. Stiles joined the Teen Wolf Pack as its first member and assisted the team in combating numerous supernatural threats. He has always been working hard to protect his loved ones from all the supernatural threats.

The famous American TV drama “Teen Wolf”, has always been in talk since its first episode aired. This show premiered on June 5, 2011, and concluded on September 24, 2017, after six seasons. Jeff Davis produced it and it received great reviews and bagged many accolades including three Saturn Awards for Best Youth-Oriented Television Series and 13 Teen Choice Awards.

The show revolves around Tyler Posey who plays Scott McCall, a teenage boy who became a werewolf after being bit by one alpha werewolf. The show is about how Scott’s life changes and everyone around him is affected. But enough with the introduction.

Are you a die-hard Stiles Stilinski fan? Then this quiz is for you! Let’s begin!

  • Question of

    What is Stiles’s real name?

    • Mieczyslaw
    • Macron
    • Maczysz
    • Marcel
  • Question of

    In Season Three, which of the following creatures took control of Stiles?

    • Chimera
    • Kitsune
    • Nogitsune
    • Kanima
  • Question of

    Why did Lydia kiss Stiles in Season Three?

    • He was shouting at her.
    • He was having a panick attack.
    • He proposed to her.
    • He wanted to kiss her.
  • Question of

    What is Stiles’s date of birth?

    • June 12, 1995
    • June 14, 1997
    • June 16, 1995
    • June 15, 1995
  • Question of

    In which of the following episodes was Stiles taken away by the Wild Hunt?

    • Raw Talent
    • Pilot
    • Memory Lost
    • Relics
  • Question of

    What agency does Stiles join after leaving Beacon Hills?

    • SBI
    • FBI
    • DBI
    • BOD
  • Question of

    What is Stiles’s father’s profession?

    • FBI Agent
    • Buisness Man
    • Security Guard
    • Sheriff
  • Question of

    Name the actor who plays Stiles Stilinski in Teen Wolf?

    • Tyler Hoechlin
    • Dylan O’Brien
    • Tyler Posey
    • Daniel Sharman
  • Question of

    Who is Stiles’s best friend?

    • Scott McCall
    • Lydia Martin
    • Derek Hale
    • Allison Argent
  • Question of

    What is the name of Stiles’s father?

    • Jordan
    • Noah
    • Joe
    • Randall

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