K-Drama Fans, Take This The Heirs Quiz!

The Heir

The series follows a group of affluent, privileged high school kids as they prepare to inherit their families’ corporate empires, facing challenges and developing along the way. His brother Kim Won (Choi Jin-hyuk), who is attempting to take over the family company, banished him to the United States.

Although a few of our supporting characters did not have a happy ending, the majority of them did. Tan and Eun Sang had a nice ‘flash forward’ of what they anticipate the future will be like in ten years. It demonstrates that all of our characters have matured as a result of their experiences and have become better individuals. They all come together at Tan’s place for a party. It was a fantastic sight to witness. I prefer to think that this is our characters’ true fate. A lovely conclusion.

Take this quiz and tell us how much you scored!

  • Question of

    What does Tan reply when his friends ask him “Doesn’t it sting that nobody’s on his side?” in episode 1?

    • No
    • I don’t care what anyone thinks
    • It hurts only when you think about it
    • I’m too lazy to hate anyone
  • Question of

    What is the subtitle of the series?

    • My biggest concern
    • He Who Wears the Crown, Endure Its Weight
    • You have to wonder if they were building it up
    • People with money just eat and play
  • Question of

    What was CHA EUN-SANG’s profession at the beginning of the series?

    • Maid
    • Food delivery valet
    • Masseuse
    • Waitress
  • Question of

    Which company’s heir is YOO RACHEL?

    • Jeyung International
    • RS Overseas
    • RS International
    • Jeguk Group
  • Question of

    Which award did Ryan and Julia win for their role in the series?

    • SBS Drama Awards
    • The Crown
    • People’s Choice Awards
    • TCA Awards
  • Question of

    Who uttered these lines, “Sunbae, your voice is better when your swear.”?

    • Choi Young
    • Kim Tan
    • Rachel Yoo
    • Lee Bo- Na
  • Question of

    What was Eun-sang’s sister’s name?

    • Goo Un-Sang
    • Bo- Mee
    • Stella
    • Soo Ji
  • Question of

    What does Eun-sang reply in the second episode when Kim Tan asked her name?

    • Eun-sang
    • She gave a fake name
    • I cannot tell you my name.
    • Thanks for letting me stay here for the night.
  • Question of

    Which episode is this screenshot from?

    • Episode 8
    • Episode 4
    • Eisode 1
    • Episode 2
  • Question of

    Who has uttered these lines “Lean your heart on me, not your head.”?

    • Choi Young
    • Rachel Yoo
    • Kim Tan
    • Lee Bo- Na