Riverdale Trivia Because I don’t fit in. And I don’t wanna fit in.

Riverdale is a favorite series for many youngsters across the globe. Who does not know that it is based on the characters from Archie Comics? The Teen American Drama Series moves around the life of 4 main characters. Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, and Jughead Jones. They explore the darker side of the innocent town together. Archie Andrew explores his love for music. Betty Cooper, who has a crush on Archie. Veronica, the new girl in school from New York, and Jughead Jones. The series has been divided into 5 Seasons. It features unknown mysteries and some secrets of Cooper’s and Blossom’s families. From Jason Blossom’s murder mystery to every character discovering unknown tales of the town.

Riverdale is one of the biggest thriller series today and we don’t question why. Take this quiz to see if you got all those tiny details on your entire series rewatch marathon!

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    What is Cheryl’s cheerleading squad called?

    • The River Leaders
    • The River Giants
    • The River Risers
    • The River Vixens
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    What is Jughead’s sister nicknamed?

    • Glader
    • Mughead
    • Jellybean
    • Slice
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    What is the name of Riverdale’s Football Team?

    • The Riverdale Bulldogs
    • The Riverdale Team
    • The Riverdale Pugs
    • The Riverdale Huskies
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    What is the name of the company of Archie’s father?

    • Andrew Spare
    • Indi Tech
    • Andrew Suppliers
    • Andrew Construction
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    Whose murder is being investigated in the beginning of the series?

    • Betty
    • Archie
    • Jason
    • Cheryl
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    Who killed Jason Blossom?

    • Cheryl
    • Clifford
    • Polly
    • Betty
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    What did Joseph Suenson want from Betty?

    • He wanted to hand him a lot of money
    • He attempted to force her to bury Archie alive
    • He wanted to kill Veronica
    • He wanted to stop her investigations of finding the Black Hood
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    Who was found to be the Black Hood?

    • Joseph Suenson
    • Kevin Keller
    • Jughead Jones
    • Hal Cooper
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    What is the name of the creepy guy Jughead met on his way to Greendale?

    • Mint McTimothy
    • Mc Milli
    • Mc Ginty
    • Billy Barner
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    According to Kevin, who are the members of “The Hot Dads Group”?

    • Fred, Tom & FP
    • Tom, FP & Cliff
    • Fred, Tom & Hal
    • None of the above