SUGA Quiz: All About the Collaborations We Can’t Get Enough Of!


SUGA (Min Yoongi) of BTS, also known as Agust D in his iconic mixtapes, is a South Korean rapper, songwriter and producer. He is known for his songs with his band and also is famous for his many collaborations. But you obviously know all about him.

As a rapper his most recent collaboration is with PSY in his latest album PSY 9th for the song titled “That That“. The song has received widespread love and has been breaking records already. We’re joining the streaming parties too! ARMYs have been spreading the song and helping in its becoming popular even more.

SUGA is known for his collaborations. Be it with Halsey, MAX, Juice WRLD or IU, he serves it flaming hot!

This quiz is all about SUGA’s collaborations. Are you SUGA biased? Then this quiz is for you. Let’s see how well you know about Yoongi’s collaborations.

  • Question of

    Which song, a collaboration between SUGA and Suran, talks about hopes and dreams and gives the message that dreams do come true?

    • Stay By My Side
    • So Far Away
    • It’s A Lonely Night
    • Dreamscape
  • Question of

    What is the name of the only collaboration between BTS and Coldplay?

    • My Heart
    • My Love
    • My Universe
    • My World
  • Question of

    “Stay Alive”, an OST for the hit webtoon 7FATES: CHAKHO, is a song for which SUGA collaborated with one of his bandmates. Who is he?

    • Jungkook
    • Jin
    • RM
    • Jimin
  • Question of

    Name the first non-BTS song produced by SUGA.

    • “Sorry”- Justin Bieber
    • “That That”- PSY
    • “Wine”- Suran
    • “Me Gustas Tu”- Yuju
  • Question of

    Which song marked SUGA’s first collab as a featuring artist?

    • That That
    • Girl On The Window
    • My Universe
    • Song Request
  • Question of

    Name the first song in which BTS and Halsey collaborated.

    • Interlude
    • Boy With Luv
    • Rain Tower
    • Sunshine
  • Question of

    For Samsung Galaxy’s 10 year anniversary, BTS collaborated with Samsung to recreate a famous Samsung song. Name the song.

    • Over The Horizon
    • Over The Moon
    • Over The Mountain
    • Over The Wall
  • Question of

    What is the name of the iconic track in which SUGA collaborated with Juice WRLD?

    • Over The Horizon
    • Girl Of My Dreams
    • Girl In My Mind
    • Selfish Love
  • Question of

    BTS’s “MIC Drop” remix is a collaboration with:

    • Black Pink
    • Ariana Grande
    • Steve Aoki
    • Chainsmokers
  • Question of

    BTS and Nicki Minaj have collaborated for a song in 2018. Name that song.

    • God
    • Girl
    • Idol
    • Summer

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