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House of the Dragon

A Game of Thrones prequel, the initial notices for “House of the Dragons” are largely positive. This fantasy drama has been called “a magic miracle”. House of the Dragons is considered a successor to the original series. The events in the story focus on the Targaryens. They are known as the legendary Dragonriders among all of Westeros. House of the Dragons reignited the curiosity and excitement of its viewers. It helped its fans to know more about the history of the Houses and its characters.

The series is more focused on female characters. It focused on dreams, lovely relationships, and a lot more. It portrays a very healthy friendship between Rhaenyra and Alicent. House of the Dragons is a package of distinct characters. It is a mix of quality direction, political intrigue, and some unexpected twist and turns. This series has all the reasons to be on your watch list.

Test your knowledge with this mind-blowing House of the Dragons trivia quiz. 

  • Question of

    Who was pronounced as the heir to the Iron Throne at the Great Council of 102 AC?

    • Daemon Targaryen
    • Viserys Targaryen
    • Rhaenyra Targaryen
    • None of the above
  • Question of

    What house does Lord Corlys belong to?

    • Velaryon
    • Greyjoy
    • Hightower
    • Martell
  • Question of

    What position does Daemon hold on the Small Council at the start of the show?

    • Master of Resources
    • Master of Ships
    • Commander of the City Watch
    • None of the above
  • Question of

    Who does King Viserys take as his second wife?

    • Alicent Hightower
    • Laena Velaryon
    • Rhaenys Targaryen
    • None of the above
  • Question of

    What stolen item was retrieved by Rhaenyra from Daemon at Dragonstone?

    • Visery’s Crown
    • A dragon tooth
    • A sword
    • A dragon egg
  • Question of

    The start of House Of The Dragons is set _______ years before the birth of Daenerys Targaryen?

    • 155
    • 102
    • 500
    • 172
  • Question of

    Which castle is the traditional seat of house Targaryen in Westeros?

    • The Red Keep
    • Dragonstone
    • Harrenhal
    • None of the above
  • Question of

    What is the name of Rhaenyra’s dragon?

    • Sunfyre
    • Caraxes
    • Syrax
    • None of the above
  • Question of

    Who built the Dragon Pit?

    • The Mad King
    • Hodor
    • Three Eyed Rawn
    • Maegor the cruel
  • Question of

    Which one of them is also known as the sea snake?

    • Corlys Velaryon
    • Crabfeeder
    • Daemon
    • None of the above

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