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Joey Tribbiani

Joey Tribbiani was one of the main characters of a show called “Friends“. A person is famous for his rather silly but adorable personality. His priorities always revolve around his friends. Joey is one of the most kind-hearted friends. He can step back from dating a girl his friends also want to date. The lady man always keeps in mind to look after his friends first. The character never falls short of motivation regarding an inconsistent job of a startup actor. He believes in what he loves to do.

Joey has a forgiving nature. He forgives Chandler for kissing his girlfriend. Joey is someone who is possessive of his food. He proved to be a true friend of Chandler and Monica by keeping their relationship unhighlighted. Joey is one of the most sentimental people when it comes to friendships. Joey Tribbiani goes out of his way to be there for his friends. He reflects on what it means to have friends that are like family.

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    Who’s butt double does Joey portray in a movie?

    • Andy Garcia
    • Al Pacino
    • Robert
    • None of the above
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    What is the name of the restaurant where Joey met Ursula for the first time?

    • Riff’s
    • Coopers
    • Lux
    • Ricos
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    Joey was nominated for a Soapie Award, name it?

    • Best Actor Award
    • Best Side Role Award
    • Best Debutant
    • Best Returning Actor
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    Which of the following job Joey never did?

    • Waiter
    • Museum tour guide
    • Janitor
    • None of the above
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    What is the name of Joey’s imaginary wife?

    • Rosey
    • Estel
    • Kathie
    • Karen
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    What was the name of the Dutch lady Joey and Chandler both wanted to date?

    • Tess
    • Margha
    • Mary
    • Ferbey
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    What play Joey star in where he was abducted by aliens?

    • Long Gone
    • Boxing Day
    • Homecoming
    • None of the above
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    Which quiz show does Joey audition to host in the “One With The Baby Shower”?

    • Bamboozled
    • Quiz Night
    • Quizup
    • None of the above
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    What does Joey claim to be “The Greatest Sandwich” in the world?

    • Mac and Cheese
    • Ham and Cheese
    • Meatball Sub
    • None of the above
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    What are the name of Joey’s imaginary daughters?

    • Ashley and Britanny
    • Michelle and Amy
    • Rihanna and Amy
    • Christina and Michelle