The Hardest Vikings TV Show Trivia Quiz You’ll Ever Take.

The Vikings

Vikings is a lot of things: brutal, gory, and intense– and more committed to realism than you’d think.

After seven years of twisting storylines and epic battles, the Vikings series finally came to its conclusion earlier this year. From its  beginning as a Canadian History Channel exclusive to one of the most popular series , it certainly had quite the run. Not only did it garner the interest of a substantial audience, but its success feels as though it has helped take Viking culture mainstream. There’s been a marked rise in Vikingdom across pop-culture ever since its launch.

Do you know?

1.Travis Fimmel actually endured several snake bites while filming his character’s exit scene.

2.Katheryn Winnick is a second-degree black belt and a licensed bodyguard.

3.A lot of detail and thought goes into each and every battle scene that the writers devise. Actors can spend up to three weeks practicing a single fight scene so that they nail it.

Viking culture really be everywhere these days, but how well do you remember the show that kicked it all off? Here we’ve put together a trivia quiz sure to test even the most seasoned warriors and shield maidens. Skoll!

  • Question of

    Whom does the Ragnar Lothbrok take as a slave?

    • A Bard
    • A Priest
    • A Knight
    • A Jester
  • Question of

    At the beginning of the first season, what is the name of the Lothbrok’s lord?

    • King Aelle
    • Earl Borg
    • Gerald McCarthy
    • Earl Haraldson
  • Question of

    On the show, Vikings, what is the punishment for murder?

    • Death
    • A fine
    • Exile
    • Imprisoned in a small cage
  • Question of

    What is given to each Viking to show fealty to his lord?

    • A ring
    • A dagger
    • An arm band
    • They are branded
  • Question of

    Which weapon does “Rollo Lothbrok” ​​fight most often with?

    • Mace
    • a two-handed axe
    • Two Swords
    • Shield and Spear
  • Question of

    The ruler of the Franconian Empire is called?

    • King Egbert
    • Jarl Borg
    • King Aelle
    • Emperor Charles
  • Question of

    Which god do the Vikings believe in?

    • Odin
    • Thor
    • Walhalla
    • Jesus
  • Question of

    What is the name of the brutal Viking punishment Ragnar performs?

    • Slavery
    • Blood Eagle
    • Banishment
    • Mutilation
  • Question of

    What is the name of the first place the Vikings loot in England?

    • The Burnley Church
    • London
    • The fishing village “Formby”
    • The Lindisfarne Monastery
  • Question of

    What is the name of the Princess of Mercia?

    • Kwenthrith
    • Judith
    • Aelswith
    • Gisla