The Hardest Wonder Woman Quiz: Comics Edition

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman became a hit almost immediately following her initial appearance in 1941 in the ‘Wonder Woman’ comics, and her popularity hasn’t waned in over eight decades. If anything, she grew in popularity, especially after the release of the newest film adaption, ‘Wonder Woman,’ in 2017. Every superhero now knows her name.

Marvel’s Wonder Woman instilled in a generation of young women a sense of morality and power that has continued to inspire every generation since. Many people get influence from her character. She is powerful, quick, intelligent, attractive, and capable of flying. She fights for love, peace, and justice.

Wonder Woman doesn’t need to be saved; she is the one who saves herself. She’s stood the test of time and is now as well-known as her male counterparts Batman and Superman. This ‘Wonder Woman’ movie trivia will put your DC comics knowledge to the test. Best of luck!

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    Which are the two Wonder Women in DC comic version?

    • Prime Woman and Flash Woman
    • Wonder Girl and Wasp
    • New Earth and Prime Earth
    • New Earth and Supergirl
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    Diana was given her abilities by the Greek gods. What did Demeter give her?

    • Strength
    • Courage
    • Loving heart
    • Magical powers
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    In which Paradise island was the Wonder Woman Born?

    • Kórinthos
    • Rodos
    • Siracusa
    • Themyscira
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    Who are Wonder Woman’s parents in the later storyline?

    • Zeus and Hippolyta
    • Hephaestus and Aphrodite
    • Zeus and Hera
    • Poseidon and Athena
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    Who among the Amazons taught Diana to control her powers and master martial arts?

    • Alcippe
    • Hippolyte
    • Herakles
    • Phillipus
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    For her role in the film franchise, how long did Gal Gadot train for?

    • 2 Years
    • 14 Months
    • 9 Months
    • 4 Months
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    Who is the cat-like villain with powers from Urzkartaga?

    • Cheetah
    • Linsang
    • Genet
    • Fossa
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    What is the name of Diana’s adopted sister?

    • Doston Troy
    • Donna Troy
    • Hecate Troy
    • Orana Troy
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    What animal do Amazons ride on the island?

    • Cheetah
    • Kangaroos
    • Elephant
    • Unicorns
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    Who is the chief Amazon healer?

    • Mimnousa
    • Apollo
    • Epione
    • Teisipyte