The Most Difficult Maze Runner Quiz Is Here

Maze Runner

QuizMaze Runner is an American science fiction film that first came out in 2014. Wes Ball directed this trilogy and James Dashner’s 2009 novel of the same name is the source of the story. If Sci-fi combined and action are your genres, then this film series is a must-watch. The story begins where a boy named Thomas is found waking up on an elevator. The young boy had no memory except his name. He is at a place known as The Glade. Thomas realizes that the maze is the only way out and decides to find their way to exit in day time only. The maze automatically closes at night. It is a home for deadly creatures known as Grievers. 

The story of Part 1 ends where Thomas along with other runners found a laboratory inside the maze. Part 2 begins where Thomas remembers his mother giving him to the woman, Ava Paige. Thomas along with other abandoned children in the maze has to find a way out. The runners were at a facility where Mr. Janson took care of them. He found it suspicious. Then he discovers that Ava Paige was alive and Mr. Janson(owner of the facility) was working for the organization. They were planning another experiment on the immunes. Finally, Thomas decides to infiltrate the organization. Part 3 shows how Thomas fights back to save the lives of others. He returns to the headquarters where it finally ends. In the ensuing struggle, Ava and Theresa die. Thomas starts living his life with fellows of Right Arm at a place free from virus.

  • Question of

    What is one of the few things Thomas can remember when he enters the Glade?

    • Sound of his voice
    • His Parents & Friends
    • Images of people with smeared faces
    • His Age
  • Question of

    What is the name of the dog living in the Glade?

    • Shadow
    • Lap
    • Slop
    • Bark
  • Question of

    What does the Glader word “klunk” mean?

    • Idiot
    • Poo
    • Rock
    • Animal
  • Question of

    Who was the last “Greenbean” before Thomas arrived?

    • Chuck
    • Newt
    • Clint
    • Nick
  • Question of

    Which of these words was not a part of the exit code in “The Maze Runner”?

    • Float
    • Push
    • Stiff
    • Kill
  • Question of

    What word is written on the beetle blade’s backs?

    • We are your doom
    • Bugs
    • Griever
    • Wicked
  • Question of

    What is your job if you are a Runner?

    • To make sure everyone stays fit by running
    • To run messages around Maze
    • To investigate the Maze
    • Being an incharge of the glades
  • Question of

    What did Newt tell Thomas about the purpose in the life for those living in the glade?

    • To solve the Maze and escape
    • To find a new society
    • To destroy the Grievers
    • All of the above
  • Question of

    Which of these is not a job in the Glades?

    • Med-Jack
    • Slopper
    • Bagger
    • Chopper
  • Question of

    If you get “Stung” by a Griever, what happens to you?

    • The Changing
    • The Sleeping
    • Instant Death
    • All of the above

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