The Quiz All Arianators Were Waiting for!

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande-Butera is an actress and singer from the United States. Her music has attracted extensive media attention, with most of it based on personal experiences, and her four-octave vocal range has received critical acclaim.  ‘Problem, Bang Bang, Dangerous Woman, and Thank U Next’ are some of her most well-known tracks. She’s a former sitcom star who’s now a pop music hit.

Ariana Grande-Butera also involves herself in charitable activities. She donates a significant amount of time and effort to charity and raises cash for the less fortunate. She and her brother also trained disadvantaged South African youngsters to dance and sing.

This is not your typical Ariana Grande fandom quiz, so welcome all diehard Arianators. It’ll put the genuine fan in you to the test, and if you believe you can breeze through it, I guess you best buckle up right now.

So, let’s start!

  • Question of

    “… I wanna savor, save it for later The taste of flavor, ’cause I’m a taker” The lyrics are from which song?

    • Positions
    • Thank u, Next
    • Problems
    • Dangerous woman
  • Question of

    How many octaves does Ariana’s voice range?

    • Two
    • Four
    • Six
    • Five
  • Question of

    What did Ariana call her first album before it was called Yours Truly?

    • Night Sweets
    • Dabbin’
    • Daydreamin’
    • Yours Madly
  • Question of

    Ariana Grande debuted on which Nickelodeon show?

    • Sam & Cat
    • Victorious
    • iCarly
    • Henry Danger
  • Question of

    What is Ariana’s Favourite colour?

    • Lavender
    • Purple
    • Lilac
    • Mauve
  • Question of

    Ain’t got no tears left to cry so I’m_____

    • So I’m pickin’ it up
    • I’m in a state of mind
    • I’m lovin
    • Comin’ out
  • Question of

    Yeah, look at you, boy _____

    • Your Gucci tennis shoes
    • I invented you
    • Runnin’ from your issues
    • I created you
  • Question of

    How tall is Ariana?

    • 5’2″
    • 5’3″
    • 5’4″
    • 5’0″
  • Question of

    What is Ariana’s zodiac sign?

    • Gemini
    • Libra
    • Aquarias
    • Cancer
  • Question of

    How many albums has Ariana Grande released?

    • 10
    • 2
    • 6
    • 5

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