The She-Hulk Quiz We All Have Been Waiting For!

She Hulk

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law a Marvel television series created by Jessica Gao belongs to MCU’s Phase Four. Streaming on Disney+, the series is based on Marvel Comics featuring the character She-Hulk and is the eighth television series in the MCU. It follows the story of Jennifer Walters, a lawyer, and the green superhero She-Hulk. 

MCU, a part of Marvel Studios, has released over 29 movies and seven television series since 2008. It all began with Iron Man and now we have arrived at Thor: Love And Thunder. Inspired by Stan Lee‘s Marvel Comics, these movies have created a universe (and now a multiverse) of their own. Intriguing plot lines, a diverse range of characters, unforgettable post-movie scenes, and years of story building have gripped fans across the world.

Are you a huge She-Hulk fan? Do you think you can score a perfect 10 on this quiz? Then wait no more! Let’s begin!

  • Question of

    Give She-Hulk’s real name.

    • Jennifer Walters
    • Scarlett Witch
    • Jennifer Cole
    • Jennifer Lopez
  • Question of

    How are She-Hulk and Hulk related?

    She Hulk
    • She Is Hulk’s Daughter
    • She Is Hulk’s Wife
    • She Is Hulk’s Cousin
    • She Is Hulk’s Mother
  • Question of

    How does She-Hulk get her powers?

    • When she was saving the whole world from monsters.
    • After being exposed to the gamma-irradiated blood of Hulk
    • During performing an experiment in the lab
    • She recreated the gamma radiations to get her powers.
  • Question of

    Name the actress who plays the role of She-Hulk.

    • Jennifer Lopez
    • Emma Watson
    • Tatiana Maslany
    • Miley Cyrus
  • Question of

    She-Hulk is a lawyer who specialises in:

    • Cases Involving Americans
    • Cases Involving Dogs
    • Cases Involving Murderers
    • Cases Involving Superhumans
  • Question of

    She-Hulk belongs to which phase of MCU?

    • Phase Four
    • Phase Three
    • Phase Six
    • Phase Five
  • Question of

    To which of the following law firms does She-Hulk belong?

    • Kirkland & Ellis
    • Latham & Watkins
    • Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway
    • DLA Piper (verein)
  • Question of

    Who is She-Hulk’s rival?

    • Mary Cooper
    • Mary MacPherran
    • Mary Hofstadter
    • Mary Antoinette
  • Question of

    Name the best friend of She-Hulk.

    • Nikki Ramos
    • Nikki Queens
    • Nikki Angel
    • Noel Cox
  • Question of

    What is the title of the first episode of She-Hulk?

    • The People vs. Emil Blonsky
    • Superhuman Law
    • A Normal Amount of Rage
    • Is This Not Real Magic?