The Ultimate Office US Quotes Quiz.


The Office US graced our screens for more than eight years. And there is no denying that the show included some of the best one-liners in comedy. We can’t help but inject ‘That’s what she said’ into nearly every ridiculous situation we’re faced with. Not one awkward situation passes when we’re not reminded of the straight up “what in the world?” stylings of Dwight K. Schrute. And not one instance of work-related boredom strikes without the every man-esque observances of Jim Halpert. The show is so relatable, it’s not even just a show, it’s a comfort for everyone. Let’s look at some interesting facts about the best show ever(no offence to F.R.I.E.N.D.S and Two and Half Men.)

  1. The Office was based on another show. Ok that’s new. It was based on a British show of the same name starring Ricky Gervais and Martin Freeman.
  2. Online sales saved the show. The power of the internet you see. Had ‘The Office’ not been performing well in iTunes sales, it might have been cancelled after its first season.
  3. There’s a real link for Schrute Farms. After TripAdvisor was mentioned in the episode where Jim and Pam spend the night at Dwight’s home, the website made a fictional page for Schrute Farms that is still active.

That’s what who said?

  • Question of

    “I’m not usually the butt of the joke. I’m usually the ______ of the joke.”

    • Head
    • Face
    • Foot
    • Leg
  • Question of

    ‘A dead bird should not be in the kitchen.’

    • Pam
    • Oscar
    • Toby
    • Angela
  • Question of

    There’s too many people on this earth.______________?

    • We’ll be trying to meet their paper needs our whole lives
    • We need a new plague.
    • When the zombies take over, none of them are allowed in my bunker
    • I can’t wait until the aliens invad.
  • Question of

    ‘Make friends first, make sales second, make love third. In no particular order.’

    • Stanley
    • Jim
    • Michael
    • Dwight
  • Question of

    ‘I don’t care what they say about me. I just want to eat.’

    • Pam
    • Andy
    • Phyllis
    • Darryl
  • Question of

    Oh, it is on, like a _____ who yawns at dawn.

    • Swan
    • Fawn
    • Prawn
    • Klingon
  • Question of

    ‘We have a gym at home. It’s called the bedroom.’

    • Daryl
    • Nellie
    • Roy
    • Phyllis
  • Question of

    If you ______, you can change yourself into a cat person. Just try harder

    • Apply yourself.
    • Pray enough.
    • Believe in yourself.
    • Just try harder.
  • Question of

    “And I feel God in this ______ tonight.”

    • TGI Friday’s
    • Olive Garden
    • Hooters
    • Chili’s
  • Question of

    ‘Why are you the way that you are?’

    • Michael
    • Pam
    • Erin
    • Creed

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