This Is The Hardest Ian Somerhalder Quiz You’ll Ever Face!

Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder Quiz, how much do you know? Answer and discover these questions on the American actor, role model, protester, and director, Ian Joseph Somerhalder.

He played the role of Damon Salvadore in TVD where he was a 178 years old vampire and a distant descendant of Silas. After Stephan Salvadore, his youngest brother injected him with the Cure, he became a human. He was born in the 1800s and lived in Mystic Falls, a colonial town with his family. In 1864, he transformed into a vampire. Damon and Stefan hadn’t seen each other in fifteen years since he returned to Mystic Falls, owing to their bitter and abusive relationship.

If there is one thing you certainly know about Ian Somerhalder, it is that he is insanely attractive! But below the smoldering surface there is plenty that could surprise you, and if he hadn’t visited your dreams already, be prepared to keep him in your mind forever.

Is he an angel in real life? We’re going to leave this up to you! But we can absolutely guess your answer! He’s more than just an actor, he’s a feminist who loves animals and knows how to cook. Anyone would totally love to have an Ian Somerhalder in their life.

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    Which character did Ian play in the series ‘Lost’?

    • Boone Carlyle
    • Ben Linus
    • John Locke
    • Charlie Pace
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    If he weren’t an actor, he said would be a-

    • Chef
    • Marine Biologist
    • Doctor
    • Astronaut
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    Along with being an actor and a model what business does Ian hold in Hailey?

    • A salon
    • A gaming shop
    • A bike shop
    • A Pizza Parlor
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    What is his guilty pleasure?

    • Nutella
    • Cap N’ Crunch cereal
    • Diller’s Pickles
    • Herr’s chips
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    In 2012, Ian and his elder brother opened a furniture store, what was the name of the shop?

    • Barnwood Boys
    • Built of Barnwood
    • Wood Peekers
    • B to W
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    Ian Started modelling at the age of?

    • 11
    • 10
    • 12
    • 17
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    Ian has a pet horse named?

    • Nietzche
    • Gerty
    • Ira
    • Eagle
  • Question of

    What is Ian’s sun sign?

    • Sagittarius
    • Libra
    • Pieces
    • Gemini
      Gemini zodiac sign artwork, beautiful girl face, horoscope symbol, star sign, vector illustration
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    Ian became a father in?

    • 2016
    • 2015
    • 2017
    • 2013
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    In the series “LOST” he was killed after-

    • 18 episodes
    • 5 episodes
    • 12 episodes
    • 2 seasons