Which FRIENDS Couple Are You?


Friends had several love relationships throughout the course of its ten seasons. But, many of them were minor and consequently had little impact on the show and its characters.

In some circumstances, the connection may not have been the most serious or best choice for the persons involved, but it was better than others if it did not negatively effect anybody else.

As a result, the couples that did did so at the bottom of the list for that reason.

Then there were the relationships that were quickly forgotten after a guest star left the show and the lives of the characters.

We have created this quiz with intention to find out which FRIENDS couple are you. Are you ready to find it out? Take this quiz and send us a screenshot.

  • Question of

    Your favorite place to eat in FRIENDS?

    • Monica’s appartment
    • Central Park
    • Monica’s Restaurant
    • Ernie’s
  • Question of

    Favorite Phoebe song

    • Smelly Cat
    • Sticky Shoes
    • Jingle Bitch
    • Crusty Old man
  • Question of

    Favorite Chandler One Liners

    • Hi, I’m Chandler. I make jokes when I’m uncomfortable.”
    •  “I tend to keep talking until somebody stops me.”
    • “Nice camouflage. For a minute, I almost didn’t see you.”
    • I’m full, and yet I know if I stop eating this, I’ll regret it.”
  • Question of

    Which book will you pick?

    • Pride and Prejudice
    • The Notebook
    • The Fault in our stars
    • Wuthering Heights
  • Question of

    What is your favorite dessert?

    • Chandler and Rachel’s Cheesecake.
    • Monica’s candies
    • Rachel’s pie
    • Phoebe’s grandma’s cookies
  • Question of

    Which FRIENDS song will you dance to?

    • Wannabe
    • Count on me
    • You’ve got a friend in me
    • Lean on me
  • Question of

    Which is your favorite FRIENDS wedding?

    • Monica and Chandler
    • Ross and Emily
    • Phoebe and Mike
    • Carol and Susan
  • Question of

    FRIENDS favorite kiss scene?

    • Rachel and Ross
    • Chandler kisses all the girls goodbye
    • Joey and Chandler on NY
    • Chandler and Janice’s reuniting kiss