Which FRIENDS Couple Are You?


Everyone had a favourite friend, which meant that everyone also had a favourite “Friends” relationship. Likewise, those of us who married realize that we chuckled at the outrageous antics on TV. Those couples were a lot like us! Still, some of them were more like us than others. So ,tell us about your main relationship and we’ll see which “Friends” couple most closely reflects the partnership you’re in! Maybe no one warned you that life would be this way, but it is, and that’s perfectly good!

In the 1990s, the television show “Friends” was a great hit. This narrative about six New York pals who live in ridiculously large apartments* despite the fact that they appear to spend almost little time working their various jobs (it would interfere with their coffee-and-gossip schedule) hit the screens and quickly became the watercooler show du day. Every week, up to 25 million people tuned in to see whether Ross and Rachel would ever get it together, if Chandler would figure out where to put the correct focus, how Joey would screw up his career, what neurotic Monica would try and fail to confront, and how Phoebe would be fabulously odd.

  • Question of

    Pick a cute nickname for your significant other

    • Baby
    • Bae
    • Boo
    • Bub
  • Question of

    How would you describe your partner?

    • Whiny
    • Energetic
    • Dope
    • Faithful
    • Irresponsible
  • Question of

    Did you date a lot before this relationship?

    • Yes
    • Not really
    • A few
  • Question of

    What would you want as an emotional support animal?

    • A monkey
    • A dog
    • A cat
    • A lizard
    • A frog
  • Question of

    Pick a song for a date night

    • What Reason
    • You’ll Know You Were Loved
    • Summer- Lisa Loeb
    • I Go Blind
    • Angel and the Jerk
  • Question of

    Pick a food for date night

    • Thanksgiving Yams
    • Crab Cakes
    • Nestle Toulouse
    • Monica’s Candy
    • Engagement Ring Lasagna
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    How do the two of you handle disagreements?

    • We fight a lot
    • We don’t fight at all
    • We used to fight but now, not much
    • We know we can get through anything
    • It is always us vs the problem