Which Phase Four MCU Superhero Are You?


With Phase Four almost over, MCU is heading over to culminate its journey in the upcoming multiverse saga. What lies beyond that remains unknown to us. And as Marvel Cinematic Universe is entering its fifth phase, and with new movies coming with even more intriguing storylines it’s important to look back.

Marvel Cinematic Universe, a part of Marvel Studios, has released 29 movies and seven television series since 2008. It all began with Iron Man and now we have arrived at Thor: Love And Thunder. Inspired by Stan Lee‘s Marvel Comics, these movies have created a universe (and now a multiverse) of their own. Intriguing plot lines, a diverse range of characters, unforgettable post-movie scenes, and years of story building have gripped fans across the world.

In Phase Four, we have had plenty of unforgettable superheroes. And here we will see which Phase Four Superhero you are. Do you think you are a Phase Four Superhero? This quiz is for you. Let’s go!

  • Question of

    How will you define your personality?

    • Shy
    • Outgoing
    • Ambivert
    • Enthusiastic
    • Self-Centered
    • Always Angry
  • Question of

    What is your first priority?

    • Nation
    • Club
    • Family
    • Friends
    • Relationship
    • You Yourself
  • Question of

    What is your favourite superpower?

    • Flying
    • Strength
    • Shape Shifting
    • Prophetic Visions
    • Shooting Webs
    • Controlling Reality
  • Question of

    Choose your favourite hobby.

    • Napping
    • Dancing
    • Singing
    • Reading
    • Gardening
    • Writing
  • Question of

    Pick your favourite travel destination.

    • Newyork
    • Paris
    • Nepal
    • Queens
    • Anywhere But Home
    • London
  • Question of

    What is your favourite colour?

    • Green
    • Red
    • Blue
    • White
    • Purple
    • Black
  • Question of

    If given the freedom to be anyone, what will you pick?

    • Attorney
    • Student
    • Doctor
    • Yourself
    • Scientist
    • Singer
  • Question of

    What will you do if you get in danger?

    • Call Your Friend
    • Call Police
    • Fight Till The End
    • Run Away
    • Negotiate
    • Attack From A Distance
  • Question of

    Pick a superhero name for yourself.

    • The Strongest Avenger
    • Cutest Hero
    • The Almighty
    • Sorcerer Supreme
    • Fearless Daredevil
    • The Shooter
  • Question of

    Pick your hidden talent.

    • Dancing
    • Singing
    • Writing
    • Drawing
    • Creating Jokes
    • Making Faces