We take copyright infringement very seriously, and we are committed to comply with the applicable copyright and intellectual property legislation. As a result, and in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we have a Notice & Takedown mechanism, designed to enable intellectual property owners to report an infringing use of the Service, while preserving our users’ freedom to share. Upon receiving of a Takedown Notice (as defined below), we shall make our best reasonable efforts to remove the infringing content from the Service immediately, and, in the event that the infringing content was uploaded by a user and that user is a Repeat Infringer (as defined below), to terminate said user’s access to the Service. In order to allow us to fully comply with the law, an adequate takedown notice (“Takedown Notice”) shall comply with the following: The Takedown Notice shall be sent via email as a single PDF format document to [email protected]; The Takedown notice shall clearly include the following details: The identity (including register/identification number) of the notifying party; The date; The address, website URL and jurisdiction of the notifying party; The Takedown Notice shall clearly detail the copyright violation using screen shots, searches and so forth. The Takedown Notice shall identify the copyright violator User Name; and Clearly state that the person signing the Takedown Notice under penalty of perjury has given accurate information; that he/she is the owner or acting on behalf of the owner of the copyright; and that the aforementioned use of the copyrighted work constitutes an infringement to the best knowledge. If you receive notification from us stating that a Takedown Notice was received regarding content or activity for which you are responsible, you may contend the Takedown Notice within seven days, in which case the content shall be re-uploaded and your contact details (which must be contained in the contention) be given to the Notice’s sender. A “Repeat Infringer” shall be defined as: A user which three Takedown Notices were received regarding content uploaded by him within a period of one year; or A user which a total of ten (10) Takedown Notices were received regarding content uploaded by him.