Are You One Of The BTS A.R.M.Y ?

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BTS, also called the “Bangtan Boys” is a boy band that originated from South Korea in 2010. The band debuted in 2013 under Big Hit Entertainment as since then rose to fame. Currently, the band has its “ARMY” (Yes! That’s what the fans call themselves!) spread all over the world (90 Million according to Forbes 2018) and has been listed amongst the top bands of the K-POP industry! The seven-membered boyband has six studio albums, four compilation albums, twenty-two singles, and five extended plays. Do you call yourself one of the BTS ARMY? If so, then we have prepared a test for you. Before the quiz, here’s a little head start to jog up your memory.

  • Did you know that BTS was originally named “Bangtan Sonyeondan“, which in English translated to “Bulletproof Boy Scouts? The name was too cheesy for the foreign fans, which is why they shortened it to “BTS”.
  • BTS was the first K-POP band to have their own Twitter emoji!! Thanks to its ARMY and immense online popularity, the band received its official Twitter emoji in the year of 2016, just three years after their debut.
  • RM is the tallest among all the members of BTS (5.10 feet) and Jimin is the shortest one (5.9 feet). Now, these are the latest facts. Don’t worry! We checked.
  • EXO, another South Korean-Chinese boy band is considered as the biggest rival of BTS. BTS is still way ahead of EXO in terms of fan followers, shout out to the ARMY!!

Well, now it’s your turn! Answer 10 of the questions below at one go and you are officially one of the ARMY!! If not, then you still need some training to do! Buckle up for the fun ride! Let’s Go!

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    Starting off with an easy one. Which was BTS’ first ever song ?

    • Boy In Luv
    • No More Dream
    • Run
    • I Need U
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    Who is the richest among all the BTS members ?

    • V
    • Jin
    • Jungkook
    • J-Hope
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    What was BTS member RM’s stage name before he joined Big Hit Entertainment in 2010 ?

    • S.Coups
    • DK
    • Kai
    • Runch Randa
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    Let’s dive deeper!! Which BTS member was almost kicked out of the band ?

    • V
    • Jungkook
    • Jimin
    • Suga
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    Who is the oldest member in BTS?

    • Suga
    • Jin
    • RM
    • J-Hope
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    Which country has the most number of BTS army?

    • Indonesia
    • South Korea
    • Philippines
    • Vietnam
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    Which song did the band perform at the GRAMMYs 2021 ?

    • Life Goes On
    • Dynamite
    • Blood Sweat &Tears
    • Dope
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    What K-drama is BTS member V in ?

    • Romance Is A Bonus Book
    • Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth
    • It’s Okay to Not Be Okay
    • Mr. Sunshine
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    Who did BTS collab with in their song “Idol” ?

    • Cardi B
    • Nicki Minaj
    • Rihanna
    • Lil’ Kim
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    You still there? All right!! The final question. What is the name of V’s pet Pomerenian ?

    • Holly
    • Yeontan
    • Soonshim
    • Mickey