Are You Ready For the Release of BTS Proof?

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    Which of the following song is a collaboration between BTS and Halsey?

    • Boy In Luv
    • Boy With Luv
    • Boy Need Luv
    • Boy Gone Club
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    Which BTS song, unofficially released on July 11, 2013, is being released in the “PROOF” Anthology?

    • Born Singer
    • We are Bulletproof Pt. 1
    • Joke
    • Beautiful
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    What is the correct number of CDs and their respective number of songs, as compiled in the “PROOF” anthology?

    • 2 CDs and (30+23+10) songs.
    • 4 CDs and (20+12+13) songs.
    • 3 CDs and (19+15+14) songs.
    • 3 CDs and (19+18+17) songs.
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    Name the song, which is a part of the “PROOF” anthology, and is officially considered to be BTS ‘s first song ever.

    • We are Bulletproof Pt. 2
    • No More Dream
    • N.O.
    • Jump
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    What do you understand by BTS’s “Demo version songs”?

    • Fan version of the official song.
    • A rejected version of the official song.
    • A recording sample or a musical demonstration.
    • Remix version of the official song.
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    BTS PROOF second CD opens with a brand new BTS song called:

    • Eat, BTS
    • Run, BTS
    • Sing, BTS
    • Dance, BTS
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    What are the two new unreleased songs included in the third PROOF CD?

    • “Born Singer” and “Run, BTS”
    • “Old Lady” and “Boy In Luv”
    • “Young Love” and “Quotation Mark”
    • “Persona” and “Love”
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    The last song of the PROOF anthology, is a song that is about BTS’ “affection and gratitude to their fans.” Name the song:

    • For Youth
    • Magic Shop
    • Microcosmos
    • For Love
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    PROOF’s first CD ends with a brand new BTS song. Name the song:

    • PROOF
    • Yet To Come
    • We are Bulletproof: Eternal
    • Yet To Go
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    The first PROOF CD contains the original version of a song for which BTS has also collaborated with Nikki Minaj. Name the song:

    • DOLL
    • IDOL
    • ROBOT
    • DREAM