Are You Sure You Know Everything About Riverdale?

Are You Sure You Know Everything About Riverdale?

Riverdale has continued to awe us and we have been binge watching it regularly. But are you sure you know everything about the show? Check your knowledge through this quick trivia.

  • Question of

    What was the names of Polly’s twins?

    • Jason & Jones
    • Jupitor and Dagwood
    • Juniper and Dagwood
    • Rony and John
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    Why was Veronica crying at Jughead’s party?

    • She was threatened by her dad.
    • She fought with Betty
    • She wanted to leave
    • She and Archie had a fight
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    Which restaurant is owned by Veronica?

    • Pop’s cake factory
    • Pope’s Cafe & Diner
    • Pop’s chocolate shop
    • Pop’s spa and cafe
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    What was Veronica’s middle name?

    • Lodge
    • Ronnie
    • Cecilia
    • Lizy
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    What letter is usually written in Jughead’s shirt?

    • S
    • B
    • J
    • D
  • Question of

    Where does Archie’s mum live?

    • Chicago
    • Colorado
    • NY
    • Washington
  • Question of

    Who is the son of football coach?

    • Reggie
    • Chic
    • Chuck
    • Edgar
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    What’s the name of Archie’s pet dog?

    • King
    • Lion
    • Vegas
    • Venus
  • Question of

    What is the last epidose of season 2?

    • Brave new world
    • Survive the night
    • Two prisoners
    • A night to remember
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    Where did Betty and Jughead first kiss?

    • At a party
    • In the class
    • At Betty’s room
    • In the stadium

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