Call Yourself Die Hard Marvel Fan? Prove it With This Quiz!!

Call Yourself Die Hard Marvel Fan?

Whether it’s through comic books, cartoons, TV shows, or the films, the universe is kind of probably the foremost elaborate and expansive fictional realm of existence that has ever been created in any type of amusement. alternative franchises like Harry Potter and even have their several massive, well-developed worlds however it’s exhausting to deny that additional stories and characters appear to exist inside Marvel than anyplace else. For that reason, solely the largest Marvel die-hard fans area unit able to pass quizzes like this. You really need to grasp your stuff concerning the films and also the characters if you would like to demonstrate your Marvel followers here. If you think that you recognize a full ton concerning the Marvel universe then you may need to require this quiz, answer the queries contained inside, and that we can allow you to grasp if you’re as knowledgeable as you think that you’re. Take this quiz now and comment your score in comment section. Follow us for more quiz games. Keep playing and share with your friends, family & neighbours Best Of Luck!!!

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    What Planet was Groot Originally From

    • Planet X
    • Earth
    • Xander
    • Asgard
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    What was the second movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

    • Thor
    • Iron Man
    • Marvel’s The Avengers
    • Hulk
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    What is the name of the precious resource found on Wakanda?

    • Tibanna gas
    • Uru
    • Vibranium
    • Petroleum
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    In what decade did Captain Marvel discover the truth about her past?

    • 2000s
    • 1970s
    • 1980s
    • 1990s
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    Which character of those listed below did not survive Thanos’s snap?

    • Iron Man
    • Spider-Man
    • Hawkeye
    • Thor
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    Which of the following is not one of the Infinity stones?

    • Time
    • Space
    • Soul
    • Spirit
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    Which planet is Gamora from?

    • Knowhere
    • Zen-Whoberi
    • Asgard
    • Saturn
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    What continent does Peter Parker visit on a class trip in Spider-Man: Far From Home?

    • South America
    • Oceania
    • Africa
    • Europe
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    What character kills Nebula in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

    • Gamora
    • Thanos
    • Nebula
    • Star-Lord
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    What species is Drax the Destroyer?

    • Skrull
    • Kree
    • Human Mutate
    • Centaurian