How Much Do You Remember About Marvel Movies!!!

How Much Do You Remember About Marvel Movies

Time and once more, the Avengers have saved the world from destruction. And generally, they’ve failing, however even then somehow managed to revive the planet to a recognizable state with the assistance of your time travel or associate degree time Gem or some ancient strange magic from on the far side the known limits of the multiverse. Heroes save the day. It’s simply what they are doing. and also the Avengers square measure the most effective there’s at this. however however well does one recognize these heroes UN agency have done most to save lots of the folks of Earth?

Are you one among of those fans UN agency is aware of every member of the Avengers listing by heart? are you able to name Iron Man’s armored suits, or tell the distinction between vibranium and adamantium? what percentage of the distinctive countries of Marvel’s geographics able to identify? can you be able to answer these queries with the genius level of intellect one expects from Tony Stark, or can you be praying to the gods of mythical place for divine inspiration to induce you tho’ this quiz? If you’ll get 100 percent on these Avengers queries, you’re a real fan deserve connection Earth’s mightiest heroes. however watch out. a some of these Question are more durable than Wolverine’s bones.

  • Question of

    What part of New York is Spider-Man from?

    • Brooklyn
    • Hell’s Kitchen
    • Queens
    • Harlem
  • Question of

    Who is this S.H.I.E.L.D. commander?

    • Maria Hill
    • Daisy Johnson
    • Melinda May
    • Jemma Simmons
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    What non-Marvel film was documented on Nick Fury’s gravestone?

    • The Hateful Eight
    • Pulp Fiction
    • Snakes On A Plane
    • Jurassic Park
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    Who is the head of the Jabari tribe?

    • W’Kabi
    • T’Challa
    • M’Baku
    • T’Chaka
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    Which organ of Tony Stark’s is damaged?

    • Liver
    • Lung
    • Brain
    • Heart
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    Who is the Sorcerer Supreme?

    • Wiccan
    • Dormammu
    • Doctor Strange
    • Wong
  • Question of

    What is this powerful artifact?

    • Stormcaster
    • The Eye of Agomotto
    • The Crimson Gem of Cyttorak
    • The Darkhold
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    Where is Black Widow from?

    • France
    • Wundagore
    • Latveria
    • Russia
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    What does one call that device that Nick Fury used to contact Captain Marvel?

    • Nokia phone
    • Pager
    • iPad
    • Walkie-talkie
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    Before turning whitish-blonde, what was Natasha Romanoff’s original hair color?

    • Red
    • Black
    • Brown
    • Purple