Can You Pass This Grey’s Anatomy Quiz?

Grey's Anatomy

With 17 seasons and 369 episodes to be exact, Grey’s Anatomy is a fan favourite. While its heartbreaking scenes and completely relatable situations, its unexpected humorous situations just swiped right into our hearts. We keep coming back for its romance, the amazing soundtrack, and the drama. There is just too much drama and we love drama. Don’t we? It’s full of laughs in the midst of sad and dark moments that notoriously require viewers to have a box of tissues nearby.

Do you know?

1.Every Grey’s Anatomy episode is a song title except for one. Well, that’s too many songs.

2.The character Miranda Bailey is partially inspired by Shonda Rhimes’ mom.

3.Derek Shepherd was almost played by Rob Lowe. But thank heavens for McDreamy.

But have you really paid attention to all the tiny details? And have you been there through it all?  Have you watched all episodes, multiple times maybe? Now that the show has almost ended, it’s the perfect time to test your knowledge.

  • Question of

    Grey’s Anatomy is based in which city?

    • Chicago
    • Seattle
    • California
    • Denver
  • Question of

    What is Jackson Avery’s specialty as a doctor?

    • Cardiologist
    • Othopaedic Surgeon
    • Plastic Surgeon
    • Dermatology
  • Question of

    Who dies as a result of the plane crash at the end of season eight?

    • Derek and Cristina
    • Arizona and George
    • Izzie and Addison
    • Lexie and Mark
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    As of season 16, who is the current Chief of Surgery?

    • Dr. Miranda Bailey
    • Owen Hunt
    • Derek Shepherd
    • Richard Webber
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    Which character from the show is a real-life nurse?

    • Rose
    • Eli Llyod
    • Bokhee
    • Jackson Avery
  • Question of

    What is Meredith Grey’s drink of choice?

    • Tequila
    • La Croix
    • Rum
    • Coffee
  • Question of

    What song does Richard sing to calm down his wife, Adele, during an Alzheimer’s episode?

    • “At Last”
    • “My Funny Valentine”
    • “Time after Time”
    • “God Only Knows”
  • Question of

    How many interns are selected for the latest crop at Grey Sloan?

    • 4
    • 7
    • 5
    • 6
  • Question of

    Who are Meredith’s three half-sisters?

    • Lexie, Molly and Maggie
    • Jo, Molly and Margaret
    • Lexie, Molly and Madelyn
    • Izzie, Cristina and Maggie
  • Question of

    What nickname has Meredith not received?

    • Medusa
    • Your Majesty
    • Slutty Fingers
    • Butterfingers