How Well Do You Know The Big Grey Of Grey’s Anatomy?

Grey’s Anatomy is a medical drama that has been airing for 17 seasons. The show documents all the doctors’ struggles within the hospital, the crazy patients they encounter, and the constant drama that follows every single character. Meredith Grey is the strongest pillar of the show.  She isn’t afraid to dare, no matter if it’s medicine or love. No brownie points for guessing that she got the best man. Her fearless nature also got her the bestest friend Christina Yang. Grey’s Anatomy is an emotion. And Meredith Grey is an empowering force. Do you know? 1.Meredith has the record for the longest surgery spanning over 24 hours. Do we call her the”Wonder Woman” now? 2.Meredith’s mother discouraged her from joining the Med School. 3.Meredith messed up with a clinical trial in season 7 to be precise. Now let’s get to testing your knowledge about Meredith Grey.

  • Question of

    What was the name of Meredith’s dog?

    • Polly
    • Doc
    • Tumor
    • Toodles
  • Question of

    Who was Meredith’s very first patient at Seattle Grace ?

    • Liz Fallon
    • Sara Grey
    • Bonnie Crassnoff
    • Katie Bryces
  • Question of

    Where did Meredith go to Medical school?

    • Harvard
    • Dartmouth
    • Stanford
    • Columbia University
  • Question of

    Derek proposed to Meredith in?

    • A restaurant
    • An elevator
    • the OR Room
    • The bar
  • Question of

    In what season does Meredith suffer a miscarriage?

    • Three
    • Five
    • Eight
    • Six
  • Question of

    Who was Meredith a best man for?

    • George O’ Malley
    • Jackson Avery
    • Alex Karev
    • Owen Hunt
  • Question of

    What country did Meredith’s best friend move to?

    • Switzerland
    • France
    • England
    • Italy
    • Italy
  • Question of

    Who did Meredith try her Alzheimer’s trial on?

    • Thatcher Grey
    • Adele Webber
    • Miranda Bailey
    • Ellis Thatcher
  • Question of

    What disaster was Meredith NOT a part of?

    • An explosion
    • A shooting
    • A plane crash
    • A kidnapping
  • Question of

    Who is NOT Meredith’s sister-in-law?

    • Emily Shepherd
    • Kathleen Shepherd
    • Liz Shepherd
    • Amelia Shepherd

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