No One Can Pass This Impossible Riverdale Villians Quiz.


Villains, or we better say antagonists, are the characters fans love to hate on TV shows. The show has given us 6 seasons and 89 episodes ever since the opening of the Riverdale TV series in 2017. Riverdales characters are some of the most popular pop culture figures. Since its start, the show, notwithstanding a true-to-life rendition of probably the most adored comic book characters. Riverdale’s villains prove to be roadblocks in the on-screen lives of the other characters. Riverdale always gives us a bunch of opponents that are layered and as calculative as the heroes.

Do you know?

1. Madelaine was a huge fan of Archie Comics, even before she was cast for Riverdale.

2. In Archie Comics, Mr. Lodge was depicted as a more elderly-looking individual with white hair on his right side, and always seen wearing a pair of glasses.

3. In Archie Comics, Ethel Muggs is infatuated with Jughead, which is reflected in the series since Jughead saved her from the Black Hood.

Are you following the baddies as hard as the heroes? Let’s find out!

  • Question of

    One of Riverdale’s villains forced one of their adoptive child to marry the other. Who was that?

    • Rose Blossom
    • Sweet Pea
    • Hermoine Lodge
    • Geraldine Grundy
  • Question of

    Who is responsible for killing the character of “Poppa Poutine” in the show?

    • Jughead
    • Andre
    • Hermoine Lodge
    • Penny Peabody
  • Question of

    Who does Clifford Blossom hire in order to kidnap and torture his own son, Jason?

    • Mustang
    • Supra
    • Aventador
    • Huraccan
  • Question of

    What is the name that the main drug lords of the Riverdale universe adopt after they assume the position?

    • Jingle Jangle
    • The Boogeyman
    • Glasses Malone
    • The Sugarman
  • Question of

    What is the name of the gang of miscreants that FP Jones spearheaded?

    • Southall Serpents
    • Southside Serpents
    • Seaside Serpents
    • None of the above.
  • Question of

    Sweet Pea calls which major Riverdale antagonist is a ‘Hero’?

    • Black Hood
    • Red Hood
    • Andre
    • Hiram Lodge
  • Question of

    The 21st Episode of Riverdale reveals the true identity of Black Hood. Who is it ?

    • Archie
    • Jughead
    • Sweet Pea
    • Hal Cooper
  • Question of

    To whom does Cheryl gift a pig’s heart?

    • Josie
    • Penelope
    • Betty
    • Veronica
  • Question of

    Why did FP bring up the fight at homecoming over dinner at Betty’s house?

    • Let Betty know the truth.
    • To prove a point.
    • To make Mrs Cooper mad
    • Find out why the were fighting.
  • Question of

    Which of these dads wears a bow tie?

    • Myles McCoy
    • F.P. Jones
    • Tom Keller
    • Pop Tate