Not Even Dwight Schrute Can get 100% In This ‘The Office’ Quiz!

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    Michael tries to cancel his hotel reservation in Canada. What was the hotel’s name and for how many years had Michael had that reservation ?

    • Hotel Fairmont Pacific
    • Vancouver Court Hotel; 3 years
    • Hotel Vancouver
    • Fairmont Banff
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    What does Jim write about in chapter 9 of his famous book, Throwing A Garden Party ?

    • Closing ceremonies
    • A proper courtly dance
    • Announcing the arrival of guests
    • A tableau vivant
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    What does Michael’s girlfriend, Carol, dress up as to Kelly’s Diwali party?

    • A nurse
    • Black Widow
    • A cheerleader
    • Rosemary
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    How often does Michael want Pam to bring him a paper telling him he has a call when he almost never has ?

    • Every 10 minutes
    • Every 7 minutes
    • Every 5 minutes
    • Every 2 minutes
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    What is the name of Ryan’s baby from his girlfriend back in Miami, Ohio ?

    • Sasha
    • Dane
    • Jake
    • Drake
    • Jake
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    For his audition for Sweeney Todd, Michael acts out an entire episode from a TV show. Which TV show was it?

    • Threat Level: Midnight
    • Law & Order
    • Lost
    • Tranquil
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    What Christmas song is Angela’s favorite song in general?

    • “O Come Let Us Adore Him”
    • “Little Drummer Boy”
    • “Silent Night”
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    The new building that Pam talks about is next to something that makes the building smell like steals all the time ! What is that “something” ?

    • A street cart
    • An Outback
    • A restaurant
    • A kitchen
    • A kitchen