The Strangest Stranger Things Quiz

Stranger Things

Will Byers, a little child is the protagonist of the show. He unexpectedly vanished in the area of a government-protected laboratory one night. On the same night, a girl with superhuman abilities who had been modified in a research facility escaped. As a result, she aided in the hunt for the missing boy’s pals. When she and the authorities were searching for the missing youngster, they uncover stranger things.

They locate a government-run laboratory that made genetic alterations in individuals. This was in order to create beings with extraordinary abilities. This is a short summary of the Stranger Things series. Stranger Things Trivia is also a fun way to learn more about basic themes like character names, roles, powers, and relationships, and little facts about situations.

“Stranger Things” is a popular Netflix science fiction and horror television series which the Duffer Brothers created.

Take this quiz and tell us your well-versedness in the Stranger Things series!

  • Question of

    How many boys auditioned for parts in the show?

    • More than 900
    • 20
    • More than 200
    • Lesser than 100
  • Question of

    How many episodes are there in the show’s first season?

    • Nine
    • Eight
    • Twelve
    • Ten
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    Where in US is the show set in?

    • Illinois
    • Ohio
    • Indiana
    • Montana
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    What kind of superpower does Eleven have?

    • She can be invisible
    • She can transport herself anywhere
    • She can read people’s minds
    • She can control things with her mind
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    To prepare the child actors for their parts, the Duffer Brothers made them watch which film?

    • Harry Potter
    • Star Wars
    • Stand by me
    • Spider-Man: No Way Home
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    What’s Jim’s last name?

    • Brown
    • Hopper
    • Black
    • Channing
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    How old is Will Byers when he disappears?

    • 14 years
    • 12 years
    • 10 years
    • 11 years
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    What is the other dimension in Stranger Things called?

    • The Inside Out
    • The Upside Down
    • The Topsy Turvy
    • The Mazes
  • Question of

    What board game is Mike really good at?

    • Scrabbles
    • Business
    • Monopoly
    • Dungeons & Dragons
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    What role did Shawn Levy have in the show’s creation?

    • Casting director
    • Executive Producer
    • Writer
    • Assistant Director