Can You Hit All the Right Ones in This Stranger Things Quiz?

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is one of the most bizarre TV shows in history with four amazing seasons. The show is filled with suspense, mystery, supernatural and how can we miss the amazing friendship. While so much is happening in the background, one doesn’t always know where to look at. The mysterious events happening at Hawkins attracts a million viewers. The Duffle Bros just hit jackpot with this show.

Do you know?

1. Millie Bobby Brown actually shaved her hair. Well, I am a fan. And so are you?

2. Gaten Matarazzo/Dustin in real has a rare disorder which is cleidocranial dysplasia. 

3.The Duffer Brothers revealed that the show had been rejected by several networks between 15-20 times. Really?!

If you have been closely following the adventures of the children and their interaction with the “Upside Down”, this quiz is for you! But I bet not many of you can get all answers correct.

  • Question of

    Whose pink dress did Eleven wear in the first season?

    • Karen( Mike’s mother)
    • Nancy(Mike’s sister)
    • Erica(Luca’s sister)
    • Joyce(Will’s mother)
  • Question of

    Where do Nancy and Jonathan work together?

    • Scoops Ahoy
    • Hawkins National Laboratory
    • Baskins Robbins
    • The Hawkins Post
  • Question of

    Where Does The Series Take Place?

    • Langfeld, Indiana
    • Hawkins, Indiana
    • Springfield, Indiana
    • Quietville, Indiana
  • Question of

    What is the project that Eleven was experimented on in Hawkins’s lab?

    • Project MKUltra
    • Project 011
    • Project NSA
    • Project CIA
  • Question of

    Who Is Being Haunted By Visions Of The Upside Down In Season 2?

    • Mike
    • Jack
    • Will
    • Steve
  • Question of

    For Halloween, who dressed up as Venkman from Ghostbusters?

    • Mike and Dustin
    • Mike and Lucas
    • Mike
    • Lucas and Dustin
  • Question of

    What Do The Children Call Their Mission To Save Will?

    • Operation Save Will
    • Operation Krypton
    • Operation Mirkwood
    • Operation Red Phoenix
  • Question of

    What Do The Kids Use To Replicate A Sensory Deprivation Tank?

    • Water Bottle and Kosher Salt
    • Paddling Pool and De-Icing Salt
    • Floaties and Pudding
    • Water Jug and Plastic Bag
  • Question of

    Who is the fan of “My Little Pony”?

    • Max
    • Eleven
    • Will
    • Erica
  • Question of

    Where Does Bob Work?

    • Target
    • Home Deport
    • Radio Shack
    • Walmart