You Can’t Even Score 50% In This Toughest Riverdale Quiz!

You Can't Even Score 50% In This Toughest Riverdale Quiz!

Riverdale has become one of the most watched teen drama TV series on Netflix since it was first aired in 2017.A modest community, a tight gathering of companions and an unsanitary homicide. Riverdale got us marathon watching since it was first circulated. While we despite everything keep on fixating on the show, how about we take a test to grasp our consideration somewhat more to the show. If you think you’re a true Riverdale fan, then take this quiz. I bet you can’t even score 50% in this quiz. Here you go! Good Luck!

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    What music group has Josie in it?

    • The Midnight Club
    • Josie and the Pussycats
    • Power Records
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    What are Polly’s kids called?

    • Tulip and Rosewood
    • Juniper and Dagwood
    • Dunlop and Dagwood
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    What is the name of the school where Bret and Donna are at?

    • Stonewall Prep
    • PortsMouth Abbey
    • The Taft
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    What did Veronica change her surname to?

    • Luna
    • Tuna
    • Lorso
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    What did Betty do to escape the sisters?

    • Go through the tunnels
    • Make a quest out of it
    • Just ignored them
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    Who was the Gargoyle king?

    • Jason Blossom
    • Chic Smith
    • Reggie Mantle
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    Where was the first Varchie kiss?

    • Cheryl’s back to school party
    • Pool Party
    • Jughead’s Birthday Party