7 Facts About “Riverdale” That You Should Know!

Excuse me but did you know that Cole Sprouse wasn’t actually meant to be Jughead?

With season one drawing to a dramatic and (probably) heart-stopping close, we bet there’s a bunch of stuff you didn’t even know about your new favorite TV show, Riverdale. Every time the cast sit down for a chat or an interview, they reveal some new piece of information and honestly, we can’t get enough. Brace yourself for the secrets… there’s some mind-blowing bombshells in here!

The opening credits mirror that of Twin Peaks and is an homage to David Lynch.

The top view of Riverdale is the same one that is used in Pretty Little Liars and Gilmore Girls.

Real life classmates: Cole Sprouse and Camila Mendes went to same University

The Riverdale stars, Cole and Camila studied acting at New York University at the same time, but they weren’t as friendly as they are now. She remembers meeting him at the school, but he doesn’t.

OMG what! Archie is a brunette in real

Have you noticed that all the episode titles are actually famous movie titles.Take for example, ‘River’s Edge

Can you believe, No one knows what Jason Blossom sounds like

Notwithstanding showing up in pretty much each and every scene of the principal season and being simply the impetus for the arrangement, Jason Blossom doesn’t talk.