A New Quiz For A New Series: The Night Agent Trivia Quiz!

The Night Agent

A brand new thriller is viral on Netflix. The Night Agent is a sumptuous dinner of adrenaline, based on the fictional world of Mathew Quirk. The story of an honest FBI agent plunged into the depths of corruption, while busy in solving a complex case. But, this is enough to make you hold tight to your seats. The series emerged as the third-most-viewed debuting series on Netflix in its first four days, and within a week Netflix renewed it for a second season.

The Night Agent is a masterpiece of storytelling. FBI agent Peter Sutherland is given the task of protecting Rose. While in his duty he starts uncovering secrets of the parliament which are more profound and darker than anyone can imagine. The series paces forward with Peter and Rose to team up to find out the secrets and solve several mysteries. Are they able to do that? Or do they fail? Well, you will have to watch it to find out.

There is one thing that can surely be said about The Night Agent: it all began with one phone call and the rest was history.

Are you a big fan of The Night Agent? Well, wait no more. This trivia quiz is for you. Let’s begin!

  • Question of

    On whose novel is The Night Agent based?

    • John Dennis
    • Matthew Quirk
    • Jason Rocks
    • A. K. Ramanujan
  • Question of

    The Night Agent is part of which series of novels by Mathew Quirk?

    • Mike Ford Series
    • John Hayes Series
    • Peter Sutherland Series
    • Stand Alone Books
  • Question of

    Who is the creator of the series The Night Agent?

    • Shawn Ryan
    • Shawn Michaels
    • Shawn Dean
    • Shawn Channel
  • Question of

    Peter Sutherland is an agent in the:

    • CBI
    • RBI
    • JBI
    • FBI
  • Question of

    Who is Peter trying to protect?

    • Ben Almora
    • Chelsea Arrington
    • Rose Larkin
    • Maddie Redfield
  • Question of

    On which streaming service is The Night Agent available?

    • Hotstar
    • Amazon
    • Hulu
    • Netflix
  • Question of

    Who are Ellen and Dale?

    • Teenagers
    • Assassin Couple
    • Coffee Shop Owners
    • Mr. And Mrs. President
  • Question of

    Which Canadian actress plays the role of President Travers, the President of the United States?

    • Rachel McAdams
    • Evangeline Lilly
    • Kari Matchett
    • Nina Dobrev
  • Question of

    Name the actor who plays title role in The Night Agent.

    • David Lynch
    • Matt Damon
    • John Dennis
    • Gabriel Basso
  • Question of

    How many episodes are there is the first season of The Night Agent?

    • 10
    • 9
    • 8
    • 12

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