Ariana Grande Lyrics Trivia!

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is a star. For millions of Arianators, as her fans are known, she is a life force. Grande’s music career began in 2011 with soundtrack music from Victorious.

She released her first studio albums Yours Truly in 2013. Her albums surpassed 35 billion streams. Ariana is one of the biggest pop stars of our generation.

She is also a known actress. Ariana played the role of Charlotte in the Broadway musical 13 when she was just 15 years old. Ariana recently starred with Leonardo Di Caprio in Netflix original movie Don’t Look Up.

She is also a coach on the music reality show The Voice. Grande is also going to play a role in the film adaptation of the musical Wicked. It is going to be directed by Jon M. Chu.

Take this quiz and complete the lyrics of your favorite songs by Ariana Grande.

  • Question of

    “One taught me love, One taught me patience….?

    Ariana Grande
    • And one taught me pain
    • And one taught me hate
    • And one taught me love
    • And i taught them hate
  • Question of

    And I feel it after midnight, A feelin that you can’t fight….?

    • My one, it lingers when we’re done
    • Love m, i hate you
    • Being stuck with us
    • You love it
  • Question of

    “You, you love it how i move you. You live it …..”?

    • How i kiss you
    • How i miss you
    • How i fuck you
    • How i touch you
  • Question of

    “Baby, run your mouth, I still wouldn’t change…..?

    • I feel it after midnight
    • Being stuck with you, Stuck with you
    • How i touch you
    • I think I’m not enough
  • Question of

    ” Sorry if I’m up and down a lot (Yeah), Sorry that….”?

    • I think I’m not enough
    • I think you arent enough
    • I think we aren’t enough
    • I think she ain’t much
  • Question of

    ” Switchin’ the positions for you cookin’ in the kitchen ……”?

    • And I’m in bathroom
    • And I’m in shower
    • And I’m in the bedroom
    • And I’m hot
  • Question of

    ” Feel my blood runnin’ swear the sky’s fallin’…”?

    • How do i know if this is real
    • How do i know if this shits fabricated
    • How do i know if this is dream
    • How do i know i am real
  • Question of

    “Wearing a ring, but ain’t gon’be no Mrs…..”?

    • Bought matching rings for 4 of my bitches
    • Bought diamonds too for my sisters
    • Bought matching things for my lovers
    • Bought matching diamonds for six of my bitches.
  • Question of

    ” Cause if you want to keep me, You gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta….”?

    • Got to love me harder
    • Got to kiss me harder
    • Got fu*k me harder
    • Got to hate me harder
  • Question of

    ” Don’t need permission made my decision to test my limits…..”?

    • You’ll believe god is a woman
    • Now I’m so amazing and loved
    • Cause it’s my business, God as my witness start what i finished.
    • Its what i wanna do and i don’t give a shit.

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