Can You Score 10/10 in this “Outer Banks” Quiz?

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  • Question of

    Give the title of the second episode of the first season.

    • The Forbidden Zone
    • The Lucky Compass
    • Spy Games
    • Ratatouille
  • Question of

    Where are “Outer Banks”, a group of barrier islands located?

    • Hawai
    • Chicago
    • North Carolina
    • Maldives
  • Question of

    Which of the following is not one of the creators of the show “Outer Banks”?

    • Josh Pate
    • Jonas Pate
    • Shannon Burke
    • Andrew Tate
  • Question of

    Who shots Sarah?

    • Rafe
    • Ward
    • Cleo
    • Stubby
  • Question of

    Who is John B’s loyal best friend?

    • Pope Heyward
    • Topper Thornton
    • JJ Maybank
    • Ward Cameron
  • Question of

    Who is the captain of the cargo ship heading to Nassau, Bahamas?

    • Captain Terrance
    • Captain Terror
    • Captain Donalds
    • Captain America
  • Question of

    How does Ward die?

    • He drowns.
    • He hangs himself.
    • He blows up his boat.
    • He gets stabbed.
  • Question of

    What is inside the cross that Carla Limbrey wanted?

    • A Diamond
    • A Healing Garnet
    • Gold
    • Jesus’s Photo
  • Question of

    Sheriff Peterkin is the local sheriff of:

    • Barbara’s County
    • Adams County
    • St. Nick County
    • Kildare County
  • Question of

    Who plays the character of John B. Routledge?

    • Chase Stokes
    • Jonathan Daviss
    • Austin North
    • Charles Esten