Crack This How I Met Your Mother Quiz.

How I Met Your Mother

HIMYM known as How I Met Your Mother  is an American sitcom. It was created by Craig Thomas and Carter Bays. It was created for CBS. The series aired from 2005 to 2014. It includes the main character, Ted Mosby. A story of Ted and his group of friends in New York City’s Manhattan. A framing stage sets on, Ted, recounts to his children all the events in the year 2030 beginning from September 2005 to May 2013 that led him to meet their mother. It was inspired by Thomas and Bays friendship when they both lived in Chicago. It is a joint production by Bays & Thomas Productions. Most of the episodes were directed by Pamela Fryman. 

  • Question of

    Where did Ted and Barney met for the first time?

    • At College
    • At a Wedding
    • The Men’s Room of MacLaren’s Bar
    • At Bus Stop
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    Which of the Ted’s girlfriend went to see The Wedding Bride with him?

    • Royce
    • Stella
    • Jeanette
    • Zoey
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    What reason did Ted gave Zoey as to why they couldn’t be friends anymore?

    • Barney Hated Her
    • Robin Hated Her
    • Zoey Hated Her
    • Lily Hated Her
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    Which season features the first mention of Doppelgangers?

    • 2
    • 5
    • 4
    • 1
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    Which instrument was stolen by Ted for Robin?

    • Flute
    • Red Trombone
    • Blue French Horn
    • None of the above
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    Which of these character wears an eyepatch in Season 3?

    • Zoey
    • Robin
    • Lilly
    • Barney
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    What caused Ted to miss his job interview for a large Architecture firm?

    • A Penny
    • Weather
    • Huge Traffic
    • Barney
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    Which was the game show that Barney took part in California?

    • Jeopardy
    • Let’s Be A Millionaire
    • Game of Dreams
    • The Price Is Right
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    Who was the one who used the famous phrase “Wait for It’?

    • Barney Stinson
    • Marshall Eriksen
    • Ted Mobsy
    • None of the above
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    Who played the role of Robin’s new boyfriend after she returned from Argentina?

    • Ryan Reynolds
    • Enrique Iglesias
    • Tom Hiddleston
    • Marshall Mathers