Dark Trivia: You Must Have a High IQ to Answer These Questions


As the show finally moves to the end, even a die-hard fan struggles to understand and remember everything about Netflix’s Sci-fi TV show Dark. Dark is a sci-fi thriller series created by Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, respectively. It’s a German show now streaming on Netflix. Dark has gained a reputation globally for its brilliant concept, direction, and casting. Its story is so much unique and complicated that it gets so hard to keep track of.

The story of The Dark begins when two children go missing in a small town in Germany. The sinful past of the city begins to expose when four families with their fractured relationship and double lives started searching for the missing kids.

The Netflix web series is full of mysterious characters. And the town where the story takes place also possesses a horrifying history. Adding to that, the story of Dark also showcases supernatural power. The more we talk about the series, we tend to miss one or the other thing – because many things were happening at once in the Dark.

As it says, “Everything is connected.” – Are you able to figure out how they are connected? Can you keep all the detail you have seen so far?

If you do, I must say you have quite a brilliant IQ. Answer these Dark related quizzes and prove to us your brilliance.

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  • Question of

    How does Adam get those scars?

    • Too much time travelling
    • Claudia threw acid on his face
    • In the explosion at the end of season 2
  • Question of

    What is the meaning of ‘Sic Mundus Creatus Est’?

    • Our creation is mundane
    • Thus is the world created
    • Thus the world ended
  • Question of

    Why did Ulrich decide to become a police officer?

    • He liked to feel power over people
    • He looked up to Egon Tiedemann and wanted to be like him
    • He thought he could do a better job than Egon Tiedemann
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    What is Adam’s Endgame?

    • To destroy the world
    • To create a world without time
    • To create a world without suffering
  • Question of

    What is the name of the boy who is reported missing in the pilot episode?

    • Erik Obendorf
    • Mikkel Nielsen
    • Jonas Kahnwald
  • Question of

    What does Ulrich find in the cave?

    • A Dead Body
    • A Broken Bicycle
    • A Door to the Nuclear Power Plant
  • Question of

    To which year, does Mikkel time travels?

    • 1987
    • 1986
    • 1985
  • Question of

    Which song is playing in teenage Ulrich’s room when Egon visits him?

    • Pleasure to Kill – Kreator
    • Ride The Lightning – Metallica
    • Peace Sells – Megadeth
  • Question of

    What is the time span of the cycle of trauma?

    • 34 Years
    • 33 Years
    • 32 Years
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    Who was Jonas Kahnwald’s father?

    • Ulrich Nielson
    • Mikkel Nielson
    • Michael Kahnwald