Feeding Your Riverdale Nostalgia With This Quiz


Riverdale, a series based on the characters from Archie Comics. It is a Teen American Drama Series. The story moves around the life of 4 main characters. Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge and Jughead Jones. They explore the darker side of the innocent town together. Archie Andrew explores his love for music. Betty Cooper, who has a crush on Archie. Veronica, the new girl in school from New York and Jughead Jones. The series has been divided into 5 Seasons. It features unknown mysteries and some secrets of Cooper’s and Blossom’s families. From Jason Blossom’s murder mystery to every character discovering unknown tales of the town. Riverdale can be a must watch series for everyone.

  • Question of

    Where was Jughead when he said the iconic ” I am weird. I am a weirdo” quote?

    • Archie’s Room
    • Southside High
    • Archie’s Kitchen
    • Archie’s Garage
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    Which actress auditioned for the role of Betty Cooper?

    • Kieren Shipka
    • Elle Fanning
    • Katherine Langford
    • Sabrina Carpenter
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    Which of these two families are related by blood?

    • Blossoms & Coopers
    • Jones & Andrews
    • Blossoms & Andrews
    • Cooper & Jones
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    What is the nickname of Jughead’s sister?

    • Glader
    • Mughead
    • Jellybean
    • Slice
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    What are Hiram and Hermione doing when the St. Clairs get into a car crash?

    • Drinking Champhange
    • Playing Chess
    • Eating at a resturant
    • Dancing
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    What was Cherly’s cheerleading squad called?

    • The River Leaders
    • The River Squad
    • The River Risers
    • The River Vixens
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    What is the name of Riverdale’s football team?

    • The Riverdale Bulldogs
    • The Riverdale team
    • The Riverdale Pugs
    • The Riverdale Huskies
  • Question of

    What is the name of the company run by Archies’s father?

    • Andrew Space
    • Inditech
    • Andrew Suppliers
    • Andrew Construction
  • Question of

    What did Alice gifted Polly at her baby shower?

    • A rocking horse
    • A baby bed
    • An old night lamp
    • Baby shoes
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    Which song does Veronica sing at her confirmation?

    • Daddy Lessons
    • Mad World
    • Bittersweet Symphony
    • None of the above